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Fashion Jobs – 7 Winter Outfits to Steal from New York Fashion Week Style Stars

Friday, February 16th, 2018

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaMain Image

It’s late winter, and if you’re feeling the same way I currently am then you may be hitting a bit of a style rut. It can be tough to get creative with your wardrobe when it feels like spring is nowhere in sight, so why not look to street style’s best for some outfit inspiration? The following photos showcase some of New York Fashion Week’s most stylish ladies to help us get through the last weeks of Winter 2018.

Street Style 1

  1. Sticking to shades of neutral greys and blacks, this casual but stylish look would keep you warm on even the toughest days of a Canadian winter. A chunky scarf worn under a plaid coat can get bulky, so counter that with a waist-cinching belt like the woman pictured here (or a belt bag if you’re feeling brave!).Street Style 2
  2. Some things never go out of style, and this outfit is a great example of those pieces. With wardrobe staples like a simple turtleneck, a pair of black jeans, and a classic camel overcoat, you have an outfit formula that can be worn on repeat for seasons to come. Just add a pair of aviator sunglasses and a red lip, and you’re Fashion Week ready!Street Style 3
  3. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your winter wardrobe, then a statement coat in a vibrant hue is a great alternative to standard neutral tones. Worn over contrasting colours, this matching coat and handbag combo makes a big impact no matter where you’re heading this winter.Street Style 4
  4. Berets are definitely having a moment, and this outfit makes a strong case for matching your beret to your other accessories – lips included. Another cozy outfit idea to take from this look? A teddy-bear faux-fur coat truly goes with anything.Street Style 5
  5. A window-pane plaid can easily be worn to the office throughout the winter, but why not update your suits with edgy accessories? A pair of chunky boots and a colourful bag transform this look from office-ready to cool-girl chic in no time at all.Street Style 6
  6. Athleisure seems to be here to stay, but Kendall Jenner goes for full glam-leisure in this Adidas tracksuit outfit. To get Kendall’s look, opt for white mules and futuristic shades to make sure that nobody confuses your outfit with gym clothes.Street Style 7
  7. As we’ve discussed on the Style Nine to Five blog before, Ultraviolet is Pantone’s colour of the year and shades of purple will be seen everywhere. Rather than a deep violet, experiment with pastel shades for a monochromatic look that’s equal parts sweet and stylish.


Inspirational Images
Main image courtesy of Popsugar
Image 1 courtesy of The Cut
Image 2 courtesy of Fashionista
Image 3 courtesy of The Cut
Image 4 courtesy of Fashionista
Image 5 courtesy of Popsugar
Image 6 courtesy of Vogue
Image 7 courtesy of Essence


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto @kate.mendonca

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Fashion Jobs – How to Pull Off a Slip Dress During Winter

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canadasd1


Like the pyjama top, the slip dress has also been a major hit in the boudoir-dressing trend. Apart from providing good comfort and a sensual vibe, this supposed undergarment has the potential to be very versatile – especially when it comes to layering. Like the jumpsuit, the slip dress does not necessarily have to be attributed to warm temperatures because of its open and form-fitting features. It can also be coordinated with many pieces that not only provide a chic appearance but also sufficient warmth to aid in the colder seasons.  The ultimate goal is to achieve a composed look by bringing out lux style from basic loungewear. Here are four “spicy” ways to rock the slip dress in the winter season that will make you forget about that nasty freezing temperature.


Coordinating with Basics
Similar to the jumpsuit, basic tops may be worn underneath the slip dress for a layered look. Wear a short or long sleeve tee for a casual look or a turtleneck for a dressier appearance.


Coordinating with Bottoms
Don’t worry about your legs being bare because it IS possible and acceptable to wear a pair of bottoms underneath a slip dress. Jeans provide a smart casual look while dress pants give off total sophistication.


Coordinating with Sweaters
You may also choose to layer over top of the slip dress rather than underneath. For more warmth, consider wearing an oversized and chunky funnel neck or crew sweater for a chic look.


Coordinating with Accessories and Shoes
For a classic vintage look, you may consider putting over a fur stole or scarf over the slip dress. For shoes, knee-high boots are recommended for adequate leg coverage.


Inspirational Images


By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

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Fashion Jobs – Wide Leg Trousers for Work

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Ivana Inspirational Image

It was only a matter of time before our tapered dress pants took a backseat to the uber chic wide-leg trouser. More often than not, we find ourselves unsatisfied and uninspired with our work wear, relying on our trusted uniform of dark basics, so the reinstatement of the wide leg trouser couldn’t have come at a better time.

But now that summer is finally within reach, we all could use a few pointers on how to look polished and professional, while still beating the summer heat. We know how much loyalty there is to our trusted skinny and fitted work pants, but we guarantee you’ll feel the ease of a high waist, relaxed fabric for the office within the upcoming months.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up our favourite wide leg trousers that can easily be incorporated into a summer work wardrobe so you can stay cool and fresh all summer long.

1.The Classic

The Classic

These are officially your new go-to work pants. Not only will they make your legs look nice and long, but also, they are also light in fabric, making them dressy, sophisticated, and perfect for the warmer days ahead. The trick to these smart pants is to choose a neutral colour, like camel, as it’s easier to find tops and shoes to match.

2.Colour CrazeColor Craze

For the creative working woman who’s not afraid of a little colour, then a pair of bold, attention-grabbing trousers are for you. While you still must adhere to all office dress codes, you deserve to show off your personal style and there’s no better way than to add some pops of colour to your work wardrobe. A coloured wide leg pant has a retro feel, but when paired with a light blouse and chunky heels you’ll be looking summer time fresh.

3. In the detailsIn the Details

Small details make all the difference when it comes to style. Working in a conservative work environment often limits you to select colours and prints, but the details are what will make you stand out from the crowd. Something as simple as an exaggerated cuff, a belt, or a fold over waist band will give you an extra edge and bring life to your work wear.

  4.Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays

We all love the end of the work week when we can give our work attire a much-needed break and have some fun with our wardrobe. Casual Fridays are what every fashionista looks forward to, as you can get dressed with ease knowing the weekend is right around the corner. A great option for a relaxed yet refined workday is a printed fabric. From floral to stripe, choosing a pant with a darker base colour and a solid top is key for pulling off an eye-catching print.

5. Cut it short

Cut it Short

For those warmer summer days, a great alternative to wide leg work pants is the cropped trouser. A cropped wide leg is an easy way to create a sporty work style with a pair of pumps for the office, and chic sneakers after hours. You want your crops to be at least five inches above the ankle to elongate your legs.

Inspiration Image

Courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. Babaton Andreas Pant, 82$, available at Aritzia

2. Lovers + Friends Angeli Pant, $130, available at Revolve

3. Diane Von Furstenberg Wide Leg Ribbon Pant, $548, available at DVF

4. Zara, Flowing Tulip Trousers, $50, available at Zara

5. Club Monaco Izabela Pant, $198, available at Club Monaco

By Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – Summer Scarves

Monday, July 20th, 2015



Rainy weather? Bad hair day? Need to cover a “love bite”? Been there, story of my life, and don’t get me started. Luckily a scarf is a one-size-fits-all solution which can be worn a million different ways and never goes out of style. Now I know you know that a brightly coloured or beautifully patterned scarf is one of the best ways to make your jeans and t-shirt combo a little less #basic, and we’ve all spent hours of our lives scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the different ways to tie scarves. A silk scarf is the height of breezy sophistication when worn knotted around your neck or over your head, à la Jackie Kennedy, but you can create a boho vibe by wearing it as a turban or headband as well. No matter how you wear them, summer scarves are the perfect accessory to give your ensemble an effortless boost. Check out some of the beautiful creations below.

scarf1 scarf2 scarf3 scarf4

1. Style Inspiration: Street style shot by The Sartorialist AFFARELLE mixed print scarf, $18 at Aldo

2. CHRISTINA silk scarf, $376 at Suzi Roher

3. Wilfred Solid Square in Chambray, $30 at Aritzia

4. Givenchy silk scarf in Bambi, $590 at Net-A-Porter

By Alyson Linke, @AlysonLinke

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Fashion Jobs Montreal – Street Style Snaps

Friday, March 21st, 2014


Fashion weeks the world over wrapped up for another season, leaving the internet flooded with images of what the style elite wear when sitting front-row. If fashion week teaches us anything, it’s that good labels alone do not make you stylish. Rather, it’s all about the way that you wear things. Below I’ve shared four of my favourite street style snapshots from autumn/winter ’15 fashion weeks the world over.  Consider these photos a crash course in dressing well, courtesy of the front-row stylistas in each shot!


The statement jacket

This fashionable woman at London Fashion Week proves the power of a good jacket. Instead of a simple North Face, try an oversized jacket for major impact. An unexpected hue doesn’t hurt either- she chose hunter green, which has all the benefits of a neutral while still being unexpected.  Other shades to shop for? Burgundies, pinks and blues.



All black everything

Also spotted at London Fashion Week was this incredibly woman dashing between shows. I love that the shot focuses on her lower body, highlighting her black-on-black ensemble. When you want to look effortlessly chic, head-to-toe black is the way to go. Just be sure to add different textures to keep the look interesting, as this woman did with her leather pants!



Shoe Envy

Another thing fashion week teaches us? Never forget the power of footwear. This woman at Milan Fashion Week sported Fendi heels that still my heart- and totally made her outfit! When in doubt about footwear, go bold or go home. To avoid overkill, pair statement-making shoes with simple skirts or pants that have clean lines – think skinny jeans, solid-coloured pencil skirts, etc.  Also, forgo extra jewellery so the focus will be on your feet!


Mix high and low

Want an insider’s trick for looking interesting and edge-y? Mix high-end, formal feeling pieces with your rough and tumble casual wear. Case in point: this stylish lady from New York Fashion Week. She paired a ladylike bag and fur coat with converse and ripped boyfriend jeans! This mix of casual and glam takes a look that could’ve been stuffy and makes it purely haute. Try it yourself – pair a chambray top with brocade pants, or a sequin cami with cutoffs. Remember though,  you need even numbers of high-end, classy items and casual pieces so the look works (She has 2 casual pieces with 2 formal pieces, see?).


While fashion week may be over for another season, don’t despair! Next time you’ll be dressed for the front row, ready to rub elbows with models. Now, what are our chances of sneaking into the VIP lounge? Pretty darn good, in those shoes!


By: Morgan Mullin

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Style Quotient

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

If you’re a Vancouverite and have the slightest inclination for fashion, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about Style Quotient and the man behind all the magic, Paul Melo.  Read on to catch a rare glimpse into what Paul looks for in his photo subjects, his thoughts on Vancouver style, and more!

Aside from having great style, what is it about a person that makes you want to shoot them?

It’s more about the person’s presence amongst the street crowd, the moment, and yes, their style.  Sometimes I see someone in a perfect sliver of sun or reading a book on a park bench and enter their world for a moment.  More than anything I look for personality.

If you had to sum up Vancouver’s style in one word (or maybe two-three), what would it be?

Hip Casual.  I seldom see people ‘dressed-up’.  It’s more a mix of ‘on-trend’ and hipster.  I would love… L-O-V-E to see more women in dresses (pretty dresses) as day-wear.  In Vancouver women are more apt to dress-up to go out at night.  For some reason the fashion sense has come together into a conservative safe-zone.  I would also love to see men dress it up.  Even when men do wear suits, they are seldom tailored or bespoke.

What drew you to street style photography in the first place?

I’m originally a natural light portrait photographer that has been focused on graphic design over the last many years.  As a designer, I spend most of my time in front of the computer.  I wanted to re-connect with people and shoot more.  Photography is my first love and although I love fashion, I don’t love the synthetic process of shooting ‘fashion’ as fashion photographers do.  While on a trip to New York to visit a friend who is a creative director at a major fashion magazine, I was complaining of the lack of unique, character locations in Vancouver to shoot fashion.  She challenged me to think more creatively.  So a couple of weeks later I hit the streets, was launched and within a month it was garnering six-figure traffic.

I also prefer the authentic nature of street style photography.  For me, shooting people in natural environments under unpredictable conditions is just more fun.  Almost every time I’ve ever done a pre-planned studio fashion shoot I’ve been disappointed in the result.  Not because the model wasn’t beautiful, or the photos didn’t come together, but because it rarely feels natural.  It’s not their clothes, not really their style and more about trying to accommodate everyone’s ideas.. make-up, hair, styling, the model, the client… on and on.

Photography is about a moment.  A photographer with nothing but a camera and their eye is more artful than a studio full of gear and people playing a part.

My last few ‘fashion’ shoots have been with real people I discovered on the street.  Just me, the subject, and their own closet.

Name your three go-to locations in your city for street style shooting.

Easy…the art gallery and surrounding intersections, the stretch of Granville between Smithe and Cordova, and Yaletown (because I live there and always find people roaming around my stomping ground.)

If you had to give one style recommendation to our readers, what would it be?

Just one?  Wear clothes that fit, great shoes, and a nice bag.  One or two quality accessories can turn most looks into style.

~ Paul Melo |

By: Alexandra Grant, Vancouver

You should follow me on Twitter @ToVogueOrBust.

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Canada Fashion Jobs – UK Street Style

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

UK Street Style 1

Who: Catherine Mellor, ICT Manager from Highbury, London.
What: Glasses – Tom Ford. Scarf & tights – H&M. Dress & necklace – Cos. Coat – APC.  Boots – Acne. Knee-high socks – American Apparel
Why: Catherine describes her style as minimal, practical & modern. Her favourite item at the moment is her navy dress from Whistles.

UK Street Style 2

Who: Miles Williams, Interior Designer from Kensal Green, London
What: Jodhpurs – BBC costume dept sale. Shirt – Levi’s vintage. Oversized cardigan – Homless ‘pop up shop’.  Army dress jacket – ‘The Military Guy’ Portabello Market. Scarf – H&M
Why: Miles describes his style as ‘swap shop chic’ and likes that he can wear what he likes and not what he’s told to like. His favourite item at the moment is his Penfield bobble hat (cos it’s bitterly cold at the moment!) and his Euro Disney ‘Mickey’ jumper is a close second.

UK Street Style 3

Who: Marie Grant, Receptionist/Illustrator from Queens Park, London
What: Coat – Gharani Strok. Top – vintage Frank Usher. Skirt – New Look. Shoes – vintage Gina. Bag – vintage Louis Vuitton
Why: Marie likes to mix old with new, or smart with casual and her outfit has a lot to do with her mood of the day. “I love that London has no boundaries when it comes to fashion, you can be as wierd and wonderful as you like.  Plus there are hidden gems all around London to find cheap, unusual bits – the trick is to keep them a secret!”
Marie’s favourite accessory at the moment is her vintage Gucci bag (circa. 1960′s) she got 10 years ago in a charity shop for only £2.50!

UK Street Style 4

Who: Chantal Vorres, PA from Stoke Newington, North London
What:  Coat – Gap. Hat & scarf – borrowed from housemate. Mittens & necklace – b-day pressie. Denim shirt – her Dad’s. Leggings – Topshop. Trainers – Converse
Why: Chantal likes to mix vintage with high-street and try out new combinations. “I think the London fashion scene is really edgy and fun.  People are not scared to try new things and no one bats an eye which means people have the freedom to be really creative and over the top.  London has a fantastic mix of shops, markets, vintage and independent designers so there is something for everyone’s taste and budget.  London rocks!”  Chantal’s favourite item at the moment are her Converse trainers – “they have injected some fun into my outfits and made me look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes”.

UK Street Style 5

Who:  Myree Tydings, Graphic Designer from London
What:  Shoes – Marc by Marc Jacobs. Trousers – a little shop in Hong Kong. Jacket – Alexander Mcqueen. Beanie – River Island. Scarf – Jigsaw

By: Nicolette Lang-Andersen, London