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Amp Up Your Applications with Personal Website

For some jobs, cover letters and resumes alone just don’t cut it anymore. How we apply for jobs is rapidly changing – other applicants are going above and beyond with their applications, and employers are starting to expect more. Having a personal website is a good way to stand out and share extra information about […]

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3 Ways Starting a YouTube Channel Can Benefit Your Career - Style Nine to Five

3 Ways Starting a YouTube Channel Can Benefit Your Career

Have you ever thought that a YouTube channel could help further your career journey? You may not want to be a professional YouTuber, but there are plenty more benefits to be reaped from a YouTube channel than just followers and AdSense. Here are the benefits of creating a YouTube channel as a side hustle project […]

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How Social Media Can Help Get You Hired - Style Nine to Five

Advertising Yourself: How Social Media Can Help Get You Hired

Social media feels crucial in our daily lives – it’s how we keep up with friends and on top of the news. But did you know that your social media pages could help you get hired? Let’s face it – when you apply for a job, the hiring manager is more than likely creeping on […]

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Job Hunting in 2021 - Style Nine to Five

Job Hunting in 2021

While the year 2020 is certainly one for the record books, there are still many things that it’s after shock will be carrying through into 2021. The biggest bust? Job hunting. The beginning of each new year typically brings on the idea of new prospects, while September means the burst of seasonal work postings. Quite […]

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