4 Ways to Gain Skills If You Don’t Have a Job - Style Nine to Five

4 Ways to Gain Skills If You Don’t Have a Job

You need a job to gain skills, but you need skills to gain a job – it’s nonsensical, frustrating and now, you’re wondering if you’ll ever get a job in your dream industry. Don’t worry about it – there are plenty of methods to gain the skills you need, some that you could even pursue […]

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Must-Ask Questions When Meeting with a Mentor - Style Nine to Five

Must-Ask Questions When Meeting with a Mentor

Having a mentor in your industry is so beneficial as they are someone to bounce ideas off of and gain industry insight that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Usually a mentor will be very busy and their time is limited, so we want to make our conversations worthwhile. We’ve compiled our top “must-ask” questions […]

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Fashion Jobs – Why a Mentor is Important for Your Career

Find fashion jobs, job listings, careers, fashion internships, social media internships, retail jobs, fashion design jobs, buying jobs, fashion stylist jobs and style careers on Style Nine to Five! We’ve all heard the sayings ‘lead by example’ and ‘knowledge is power’, which is why it can be so beneficial to your long-term career plans to […]

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Fashion Career Advice From Christie Lohr – Reach Out to Break Out

To any fashion hopeful who is just starting out in his or her career, having a mentor is one of the best ways to gain invaluable information regarding the industry. Whether it’s interview advice, insider knowledge about what employers look for, or tips to succeed in your personal endeavours, speaking with a seasoned veteran will […]

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Fashion Jobs – Mentorship

My thoughts on mentorship! If you have someone you look up to, send them an email inviting them for coffee. It’s flattering and most people won’t mind taking the time to help someone out. What goes around, comes around. I’ll always take the time, because I myself was once in your position. Mentorship is amazing […]

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