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Fashion Jobs in Canada – Latest Software You Should Know For the Fashion Industry.

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

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When you work in the Fashion industry, at any level, there will always be some sort of computer software that you will need to know how to use. Whether it be in a retail store using the Point of Sale system for transactions or the inventory count or in the office writing copy for the website using programs like Grammarly or WordPress. It doesn’t matter what your role, you will be using software to aid in your job. So, what do you need to know now to ensure you are on top of your game?


Design has the most computer software usage out of all of the different fashion sectors.  There are several different types of design software that allow you to create pieces without having to use pen and paper. You are able to make more 3D renderings of how you want a piece to look, flow and fall on a person. Programs such as Adobe, Wild Ginger, Autodesk Design Software and C-Design Fashion are great tools for designers that let you have more freedom and a realistic view of a design.


Algorithmic Couture is also on the rise. Through software called Synflux, the program aims to reduce the waste of fabric when creating products. It scans the subject’s body to determine their proportions and create custom clothing. You are able to grab the correct amount of fabric for each piece of the garment and leave virtually no waste.


Another sector that is getting a software overhaul is Styling. Styling isn’t just looking at clothing and putting together trends and fashion anymore. Companies such as Stitch Fix are using AI (artificial intelligence) in order to style outfits. This is based on the customer’s preferences and shape, much like a stylist would do. There is an overlap starting to happen where AI is now designing original pieces catered to the consumer. Coding software for AI and being knowledgeable about AI, such as how to create it, work with it and fix it, is becoming more common in the backend of the fashion industry.


Computer software and technology are always changing. It is important to keep updated with technology and how it is interacting with the fashion industry to ensure you are staying relevant within the field.

Inspirational photo courtesy of: BOF and Forbes.


By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette


Fashion Jobs – Q&A with Creator of Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaLondon inc mag

Despite being only “26 years young” Nicole Snobelen already has a long list of accomplishments under her (stylish) belt. Nicole is a 2017 Top 20 under 40 award recipient and founder of The Abby Fund, a volunteer initiative that works with sick children to design and create their dream dresses and superhero capes. Additionally, she is a published author, award-winning business owner and the designer of her own clothing line: Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen. We had the chance to chat with Nicole about her entrepreneurial journey and the hard work that goes into creating fun, feminine style.


SNTF: When did you know you wanted to start your own clothing line? 


NS: At the age of eight, my aunt gave me a designer game to create outfits with different colours and patterns. I became obsessed with the game and knew I wanted to do something with fashion when I grew up! After graduating college, I started making dresses for myself to wear to interviews. I would post photos of them on Facebook and almost immediately women started contacting me asking to order a dress. I then started doing custom work and eventually launched an online store! 


SNTF: What are some of the first steps to starting a clothing line? 


NS: The first step would be going to school for fashion design or fashion merchandising. This will teach you the ins and outs of creating garments and working in the industry. You’ll need to know how to sew and pattern make if you plan to develop the line independently. Also, some basic business, marketing and social media knowledge are important. I started my company with no business background and struggled a lot in the beginning because of it. It wasn’t until after I started my business that I started taking business workshops and courses.


Currently, everything is handmade by me and I work with a team of eighteen models. Having a photographer is super important when launching a fashion line as people will want to see your work displayed professionally. Access to start-up funding, grants or savings is huge. You need to spend money to make money. You’ll also want to register your business with the government. 

SNTF: What kind of education or training did you pursue to prepare yourself for the demands of this project? 


NS: I took a three-year fashion design course at Fanshawe College and several business workshops and courses at various places like Leap Junction and the Small Business Center.  


SNTF: Did you have any mentors who helped you along the way? 


NS: Leap Junction has been a huge part of my recent success this year – this is an entrepreneurial campus service at Fanshawe College. The owner of Illbury & Goose, Daniel, is also a mentor of mine.


 SNTF: What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in order to start your label? 


NS: Oh there have been many! Since my business idea fell into my lap, I had no start-up funding or business background! I lived dress to dress for a long time, which made it difficult to get ahead. Every time I made a sale, I would invest that money back into my business, so you can imagine how difficult it was to live my first year in business.


SNTF: Where do you find inspiration for your designs? 


NS: In school, we were always taught to design a garment then source materials to best fit your design. I am the opposite, I find inspiration from materials and prints first and then design something from that! Colours and bright prints are what inspire me the most. I also enjoy creating things that are stylish, but also very comfortable. All of my designs are made without closures, making them super comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off. 


SNTF: How would you describe a typical day for you?


NS: I usually wake up around 7-7: 30 AM and end my day of work around 8 PM. Some days it can be hard to self-motivate, especially for someone who does not drink coffee! I spend most of my day pattern making, sewing new dresses/scarves, promoting a product on social media, updating my website and packaging orders. My favourite days are ones when I have photoshoots booked or pop-up shows! 


SNTF: What do you see for the future of Evelynn? 


NS: Right now, I am collaborating with another local business to open a storefront for five weeks in downtown London. If this trial run is successful, I hope to open my own Evelynn store one day. I’ve reached a point in my business where it’s time to hire a seamstress and look at manufacturing opportunities. It is part of my core values to keep Evelynn 100% Canadian made.


SNTF: Do you have any advice for those looking to begin their own clothing lines? 


NS: If this is your passion, go for it! I’ve struggled a ton with my business over the years but when I look at how far I have come, I am so glad I never gave up on my dream! Volunteering or interning with designers you admire is a great opportunity to gain experience. I truly believe you can learn something from everyone you meet. 


To follow along with Nicole’s journey, make sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram.


All images courtesy of Nicole Snobelen


By: Avery Lafortune, Toronto

Fashion Jobs – What’s it Really Like to Work as an Intern at a Fashion Magazine

Friday, November 24th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaImage 3

Love it or hate it, The Devil Wears Prada has left a strong impression on pop culture today. Even now, more than ten years after the film’s debut (it premiered in 2006!), it continues to influence the way the general public perceives the fashion industry as a whole. With insiders like Anna Wintour leading the way, it’s no wonder that fashion magazines, in particular, get the unfortunate reputation as a hostile and competitive work environment.


Well, I’m here to say that based on my experience as an intern at a major Canadian fashion magazine, those impressions are definitely not true. So let’s get into it, and we can finally put some of those myths to rest.

Image 1

Myth Number One: Your Coworkers Are Your Enemies
As an intern, every single member of the team that I reported to genuinely enjoyed working together. My supervisors were always friendly and welcoming and made my time at the magazine a very positive experience. I was able to learn from some of the best in the business, and even made a few friends along the way!

Image 2

Myth Number Two: Fashion Magazines House an Infinite Supply of Designer Clothing
It’s true – there is a fashion closet, and yes, there is often designer clothing to be found inside of it. Instead of a massive celebrity closet though, think of it more like an average sized walk-in that only holds a few dozen pieces at a time. Most of these designer duds are borrowed from the designers themselves, or from the PR companies that represent them. They would come into the office for a particular photo shoot, and would be sent right back once it was wrapped. And sadly, you don’t end up with an amazing wardrobe courtesy of the magazine, like Andy did in The Devil Wears Prada.


Image 3

Myth Number Three: You’ll Spend All Your Time at Fashion Shows and Exclusive Events Aside from occasional special events and the periods during major fashion weeks, my coworkers spent most of their time at their desks. They would be researching and writing their articles, conducting interviews over the phone, and connecting with designers and influencers to make sure that things were ready for upcoming issues. Similarly, a lot of my responsibilities as an intern were researching and writing posts for the magazine’s website. When I wasn’t writing, I was making sure that all the clothes needed for photoshoots were ready, and that they were sent back to their designers once the shoots were over.


In the end, working for a fashion magazine taught me that things are much less glamorous that you may think. There’s a lot of work that goes into putting each issue together, but it’s well worth it in the end. And I can say that even after living it firsthand, I’ll still be daydreaming of Miranda Priestly and the Runway offices for a long time to come.


Inspirational Images
Image courtesy of Who What Wear
Image courtesy of The Coveteur
Image courtesy of Huffington Post


By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, @kate.mendonca

Fashion Jobs – Styling White for the Office

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Now that summer is finally on the horizon, it’s time to start adding white to your work wardrobe – if you haven’t already. And we’re not just talking about the go-to, tried and true white blouse; we’re talking about pants, dresses, and everything in between. Remember, white goes with just about anything and everything in your closet — just think of it as your new summer neutral. If you’re wondering how to style white for work, look no further, we’ve put together our favourite ways to style white for work this season!

 1. Layered


Layered Levels

By mixing layers, your outfit will instantly give off a more playful and carefree vibe. Walk into your next meeting with a flowing white-layered blouse (as pictured above) and you’ll be getting everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.

2.The White Blouse

The White Blouse

There’s nothing better than a simple white blouse. And come on, they can be worn dressed up or down. To truly turn some heads, pair your white blouse with cropped flared pants, and a pair of heeled mules. Trust us — you’ll look sophisticated and ready for après work cocktails.

3. Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-Leg Trousers

Trousers are definitely an office-approved wardrobe staple, especially in the summer if you can find a pair in white. We love the monotone look lately, so we recommend styling a pair of white wide-leg trousers with a structured blouse, and a pair of white pumps. If you’re looking

for a way to make your monotone look more exciting, we recommend rocking a bold lip to add a splash of colour.

4. The White Out

The White Out

The key to wearing white separates is that you want your pieces to go together, but not match exactly. Pair pieces in fabrics that have the level of formality and play with texture. We love how this frilled poplin top is styled with a pair of flared crops, as they give off the same vibe.

5.The Flirty, pleated Skirt

The Pleated Skirt

If you want something a bit more lightweight, mix your usual white or cream work blouse and style with a pleated skirt, pumps and a structured carryall bag. This look is not only perfect for a hot summer’s day, but it definitely gives off some #girlboss vibes.

 6.The Cool Girl Uniform


The Cool Girl Uniform

If your work is a bit more casual and you’re allowed to wear sneakers, we recommend trying out this fashionista approved look. Style a slouchy t-shirt with a pleated white midi skirt, your favourite sneakers and a chic leather coat.

 7. The White Dress

The White Dress

Whether you prefer sporting a maxi, a mid-length, or a halter-style dress, a white dress is a must-have for summer.  The key is to make sure to keep your shoulders and knees covered with either a cardigan or long short sleeves and to keep accessories neutral and office-friendly.


Your initial thought was probably similar to ours, “white will get dirty and ruined!” Well maybe, but if you carry emergency stain remover or Tide-to-Go, most stains can be removed quite easily and you can wear white all summer long!

Inspirational Image

Inspirational Image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. Picture courtesy of Pinterest

2. Picture courtesy of Pinterest

3. Darted Trousers, $69.90, available at ZARA

4. Frilled Poplin T-Shirt, $35.90, available at ZARA

5. Girl on the Street: NYFW Day 7, courtesy of Pinterest

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


By Genevieve Claire @vieveclaire

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Fashion Jobs – Trend Alert: How to Style Cropped Flares

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

From ‘Mom’ Jeans to cropped Flares, we’re loving the alternative to skinny jeans this year. If you have yet try this wide-leg style and you’re wondering how you can transition from your trusted skinnies then keep reading! We’ve put together some blogger-approved tips that will help your rock this trend like a pro.

1. The Muse

The Muse

Cropped flares can come in the form of jeans or trousers and depending on what kind of work environment you’re in, you can easily pull off this chic look by following in the footsteps of fashionista and footwear designer Haley Boyd who has mastered this trend.

3. Striped2. Frame Denim
The Styles

When you’re shopping for your own cropped flares you can either pick up the bootleg version or a wide leg version if you’re feeling more daring. Traditionally, wide leg will look more professional in a work environment, so if that’s what you’re after then you can find a great pair from designers like Acne Studios. If you’re looking for something more casual, designers like FRAME have a plethora of colours to choose from. Once you’ve found your base you can move onto styling the rest.

4. The Top

The Top

When adding a top, choose something that’s understated — you’re going to want all eyes below your waist. Opting for a white top would allow you to play around with different coloured shoes and accessories.

5. The Shoes
The Shoes

As for selecting the perfect shoe, again use Haley Boyd as inspiration and choose a bold, playful heel like her Marais USA Heels as they always pair nicely with crops. You can find amazing dupes or similar styles at Zara or Mango.

6. Statement Earrings

7. Chic Sunnies

The Accessories

Finally, add your outfit’s finishing touches by adding a pair of statement earrings (which are super on trend this season) and a pair of chic retro-inspired sunglasses.

Inspirational Image

Inspirational Image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Info

1. Haley Boyd, courtesy of Cup of Jo

2. FRAME Le Crop Mini mid-rise bootcut jeans, $245, available at Net-a-Porter

3. Acne Studios Texel cropped pinstriped wool-twill wide-leg pants, £360, available at Net-a-Porter

4. Style Mafia Gloria Top, $116.50, available at Shopbop

5. Heeled mules, $59.99, available at Mango

6. Statement Earrings, $19.99, available at Mango

7. Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses, $8.90, available at Forever 21

By Genevieve Claire @vieveclaire

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Fashion Jobs – Sweats For Every Occasion

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaInspirational Image

There comes a time in every woman’s day when she drifts away in thought, fantasizing about the moment she can go home and jump into her sweats. The feeling of being liberated from your Spanks and skirts gives you a flash of encouragement and determination to finish off the day.

But what if we could take our sweats from the weekend couch to après work dinner and drinks? We aren’t talking about the grey track pants you wear to bed; we mean a sporty pantsuit to take you from running around the office to your evening events. Allow us to teach you how you can take your sweats to the next level and how you can sport this trend sophistically to every occasion.

1. sweats black work (1)Nine-To-Five

The working woman has her standard, professional Monday to Friday uniform that has her dressed in appropriate office attire. She doesn’t think it’s unfathomably possible to wear sweatpants to work, but we’re here to change her mind. You can get away with rocking the ‘sweatpant’ look by creating a monochromatic outfit in darker shades. This will prevent the pants from making too much of a statement. A blazer and pumps will sharpen and complement your discrete sweats.

2. sweats aritzia pink(1)

Brunch Babe

Any activity that involves copious amounts of food requires some form of sweatpants for all around comfort. Whether it is a casual gathering or a full-blown foodie event, this is the time to show your personal style and experiment with the casual, comfy look. Brunch and sweats go hand in hand, and pairing a soft pink pull-on pant with a relaxed blouse creates an effortless yet chic look in a matter of seconds.

3. sweats song of style leather

Girls Night

Who would ever think to wear slouchy, comfy pants to a girl’s night out on the town? A pair of leather sweatpant-inspired trousers will make you the center of attention as they’re a mix of comfy, edgy, and sex. For a night out, pair this style of pants with a simple strappy heel to dance so you can dance the night away. Paired with either a bodysuit or a button down blouse, you’ll be the ultimate cool girl in these luxe faux leather sweats.

4. sweats aritzia weekend

Weekend Warrior

Once the work week is behind us, we’re granted two days of freedom to do and wear whatever we want so why not ditch the heels and swap them out for hip sweats and sneakers. For a modern and chic weekend look, rock a culotte-style pant in a knit fabric and style with layering tops and sweaters.

5. sweats pinterest blue good

Style Maven

To all the women who are adventurous and always up for trying new things, we’ve got the pants for you. A pair of straight leg, high-waisted sweatpants will instantly make you forget about all the other trousers you have in your wardrobe and will leave you wanting to buy them in every colour. Worn with a blouse and heels, the straight leg sweatpant is extremely versatile giving off an elegant yet sporty vibe.

Inspirational Image:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Product Images

1.Street Style, image courtesy of The Fashion Tag

2. Allant Pant in Cairo, $ 110, available at Aritzia

3. Aimee Song, image courtesy of Song of Style

4. Roxane Pant in heather grey, $98, available at Aritzia

5. Street Style, image courtesy of Pinterest

By: Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, iforeveronvacation

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Fashion Jobs – The New Classic

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015


A good pair of sneakers is a completely classic staple that can be paired with virtually any outfit. Never before have we seen such a sneaker frenzy, especially in the world of high fashion. I noticed a lot of bloggers wearing sneakers with full skirts and more formal looks at fashion weeks all over the world this year, which I love! This comfortable style can dress down a formal look, or be paired with jeans and a sweater for a cozy and cute style. I also love to make my outfits more interesting by wearing sneakers- for example, I’ll pair my Reebok Running Sneakers with a little black dress for a night out. I love the contrast and think it makes an outfit so much more exciting!

sneakers1 sneakers2 sneakers3 sneakers4 sneakers5 sneakers6


1. Adidas Stan Smiths, $110, available at Aritzia

2. Saint Laurent Court Classic Leather High-Top Sneakers, $645 USD, available at Net-A-Porter

3. Nike Roshe Run Pure Platinum Trainers, $151, available at ASOS

4. Vans “Classic” Perforated Slip-On Sneaker, $82, available at Nordstrom

5. New Balance Yiasa, $110, available at Little Burgundy

6. Reebok Classic Running Sneaker, $55 USD, available at Urban Outfitters


By Lindsay Mix, Vancouver

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Toronto Fashion Careers – The Year of Colour

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Neon Neon Neon Pastel Pastel Pastel

So I began doing some research on this post, finding the hottest colours this Spring/Summer 2013 for all of you readers, and I realized something different about this season. As a flipped through pictures from fashion shows and look books, I realized that 2013 is the year of colour. From neons to pastels (my personal favourite), we have seen colours from every end of the spectrum during this years Spring/Summer fashion shows. It’s all about preference really.

Into the feminine pastel look? Draw inspiration from Antonio Marras or Prada who featured an array of blush tones in their Spring/Summer 2013 line.

If you’re looking for something a little louder, I would suggest drawing inspiration from Proenza Schouler or Missoni who lit up the runway in bright neons.

What ever you choose, remember to keep it bright and fresh this summer in honour of the year of colour.

1. Antonio Marras Spring/Summer 2013 runway, Image courtesy of Vogue
2. Prada Spring/Summer 2013 runway, Image courtesy of Vogue
3. Corey Neilsen Spring/Summer 2013 runway, Image courtesy of Fashionising
4. Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2013 runway, Image courtesy of Vogue
5. Missoni Spring/Summer 2013 runway, Image courtesy of Vogue
6. David Koma Spring/Summer 2013 runway, Image courtesy of Fashionising

By: Layan Barakat, Toronto

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Ontario Fashion Jobs – Off the Shoulder

Friday, July 19th, 2013

1 2 3 4 5 6

Designers have always been interested in finding new, subtle (or, in some cases, not-so-subtle) ways of showing skin. Recently, we’ve been seeing geometric shaped cut-outs around the waist of dresses, and subtle sheer paneling that is revealing without being garish. Similarly, the cold shoulder trend has been very popular over the past few seasons, especially during the warmer months. Everything from denim shirts to gauzy tunics have been appearing with shoulder less detailing, adding a certain coy appeal to otherwise plain pieces. Here are our picks for this revealing trend:

1. Jen’s Pirate Booty Padang Padang Mini Dress, $274, available at Revolve
2. Cold Shoulder Crop, $32, available at Wasteland
3. Stone Cold Fox Holy Tube – Ziggy Print, $215
4. Martina Peplum Jumpsuit, $75, available at Nasty Gal
5. For Love & Lemons Tender Heart Dress, $185
6. Smocked High-Low Dress, $111, available at Free People

By Zoe Alexandra Torell, Toronto

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Canadian Fashion Jobs – Kate Spade Takeover

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Kate Spade, Yorkdale Mall 2 3 4 5

I remember the first time I drove past the borderline and made my very first purchase at Kate Spade. I mean, who can resist the bright colours and adorable patterns in their little glam shops! Fast-forward a few years later, this American fashion house has finally found its home in not one, but two new locations in Toronto. With the first store making its grand Canadian open in Yorkdale near the end of last year, Downtown Yorkville has also just recently welcomed this super femme designer into its neighbourhood as the Canadian flagship store.

Known for their chic, girly colours and patterns of fun stripes and polka dots, Kate Spade New York is no doubt the definition of feminine and flirty. Originally started as a handbag brand, Kate Spade has been able to successfully expand into a full-blown lifestyle selling an array of fun products from clothing to fashion accessories, shoes, wallets, stationary items and even beauty products. I for one am definitely glad that Kate Spade has finally found its Canadian home right here in Toronto. Stop by the Yorkdale or Yorkville location for a little sprinkle of flirty fun with Kate Spade!

1. Yorkdale Mall Kate Spade, Image courtesy of Torontolife
2. Kate Spade Rosita Dress, $448
3. Kate Spade Celina Dress, $199
4. Kate Spade Madison Park Small Coal Handbag, $189
5. Kate Spade Metro Watch, $175

By: Oleena Mak, Toronto

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