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5 Hot Remote Jobs

Remote work has become a more accessible option in the past two years. Moving forward, even as companies head back to the office full time, remote work will continue to be a mainstay for workplaces and workers who need it. It’s an attractive option for many reasons: it cuts down on commute time, allows workers […]

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4 Retail Skills You Can Take to Future Jobs - Style Nine to Five

4 Retail Skills You Can Take to Future Jobs

In between jobs right now? Don’t have all the skills you’d like? Consider working retail. Stocking shelves and customer service may not be what you studied in university or what you want to end up doing in the long term, but retail can be a lucrative and beneficial path, especially for those who want to […]

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5 Executive Level Interview Questions and How to Prep - Style Nine to Five

5 Executive Level Interview Questions and How to Prep

Executive-level interviews are the biggest job interviews you could possibly have. It’s not as daunting as it sounds, though – if you’ve got years of leadership experience and plenty of industry knowledge to back up your skills, it can go over smoothly. As with any job interview, catalog your own experiences, learn everything you can […]

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Essential Fashion Industry Skills for 2022

It’s 2022 and an industrial revolution is upon us! Now more than ever, sustainability issues and a surge in remote work arrangements triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped how fashion professionals operate. Succeeding through these changes means sharpening up on existing skills and embracing new ones. Here are some core skills that will be […]

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What To Do If Your New Job Isn’t What You Expected - Style Nine to Five

What To Do If Your New Job Isn’t What You Expected

Feeling burnt out because your new job wasn’t what you applied for? Maybe you were excited about all the responsibilities the job posting listed, but now that you’ve got the position, you aren’t being entrusted with any of them. Or maybe they either underestimated or overestimated the qualifications that were required to do this job. […]

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Forecasting Fashion Trends – A Step-by-Step Guide

We hear a lot about trend forecasting in fashion, and the term can be quite perplexing for newcomers to the field and seasoned professionals alike who haven’t cultivated the skill. We’re not talking about your morning weather projection, “cloudy with a chance of crop tops” forecast! Trend forecasting is all about using a balance of […]

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5 Hot Jobs in Communications

You know you’re interested in studying communications and pursuing it as a career, but how can you actually apply it in the real world? The great news is that the communications field offers an extremely wide range of jobs. Whether you’d like to be in an artistic sphere or an analytical one, there are plenty […]

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Becoming a Fashion Designer with Téjahn Burnett

Jamaican-Canadian footwear designer Téjahn Burnett has built a successful fashion label from the ground up. Founded in 2018, Téjahn Burnett is a high-end footwear line that has sparked the attention of Elle Magazine, Chatelaine, Marie Claire and more! Specializing in women’s high heel boots and hand-crafted sandals, Téjahn joins us to discuss launching your fashion line, […]

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Is Interning Worth It?

Internships can teach you more than a classroom ever could. Think of an internship like the bridge connecting your education to your career path. An internship is where you sharpen your skills and eliminate your weaknesses before moving into the field of your dreams. Not only that, but interning will look great on a resume […]

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Making a Career of Fashion Journalism

Journalism is one of those areas that will never go out of style! While print may be getting slowly phased out by digital visual content, humans will always turn to written accounts to document and share their stories. Writing is both a great skill to have and an irreplaceable creative outlet. It simultaneously allows you […]

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