Your Guide to Changing Careers - Style Nine to Five

Your Guide to Changing Careers

There’s no reason to feel stuck in a job you hate or that you’ve outgrown. Maybe it’s what you went to school for, and maybe all your prior experience was leading up to this, but if you’re unhappy, it might be time to move on. If you’d just like to explore different industries, it’s worth […]

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How to Succeed as a Freelancer - Style Nine to Five

How to Succeed as a Freelancer

Contract and freelance roles have been on the rise for a while, but thanks to the pandemic, more people than ever are finding themselves in contingent roles. Many people have been laid off, and since the job market is bleak in some industries, there’s been a big shift in companies hiring on a contract basis […]

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When is it Time to Leave Your Job - Style Nine to Five

When is it Time to Leave Your Job?

Understanding that it is time to leave your current position can be a stressful experience. But, stepping into possibility and new opportunity by leaving your job can not only be incredibly beneficial for your career but empowering as you are trusting your abilities as a professional. If you’re thinking of making a career change or […]

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How Stay-At-Home Parents Can Keep Their Career Tools Sharp

Being a stay-at-home parent gives you a special chance to bond with your children and devote your focus to your family – but it also takes you out of the work force. Maybe you’re on maternity or paternity leave, or a longer stretch until your kids are in school. If you’re planning on going back […]

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How to Know You’re Ready for the Next Step in Your Career

No matter which industry you work in, we all have that ‘end-goal’ we dream about, however, it can feel a bit daunting when you know it’s time to take that next professional step to get there. That’s a feeling Style Nine to Five Founder Christie Lohr knows too well! Before becoming an entrepreneur, and launching […]

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Employers, Read On…

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to start thinking about building and expanding your teams. Holiday hires are finished for the season and some employees are heading back to school. Qualified candidates are also taking action on their resolution of finding their dream job this month. Be sure you get the best […]

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Employers: January = Transition Time

Dear Employers,   With the holidays behind us, it’s time for a fresh start in the New Year. Temporary employees are heading back to school and it’s time to start thinking about building and expanding your permanent staff. Your resolution of improving business starts with making the perfect team to back you up. So why […]

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