How to Rise Up After Being Let Go

Life is never set in stone. Anything can happen and you can’t always be prepared for it. You may think you’re very secure in your job, but you may not know what’s around the corner. Being let go from a position when it’s at no fault of your own is heartbreaking, a low blow and makes you re-evaluate absolutely everything. The thoughts of ‘am I not good enough’ ‘is this the career path I want’ or ‘what could I have done differently’ go through your head at all times afterwards. However, it’s not always a bad thing and can be a blessing in disguise. There are so many ways to rise up after being let go and we’re here to help.

Take a Minute

You’ve just had a shock of a lifetime and need to process it accordingly. It’s different for everyone, so don’t put a timeline on it. Take some you time, process what’s happened and grow from it. You haven’t changed, you are still great and another company will be lucky to have you.

Look at the Positive

Each job you hold teaches you something. What did you learn from this position and what can your takeaway be. How can you use this knowledge and apply it to another situation? Companies have to make tough decisions and sometimes it’s letting employees go. Don’t take it personal and don’t hold a grudge. You were able to put in time and effort and have a new wealth of knowledge that no one can take away from you.


Take this time to reflect on your career goals and aspirations. Do you want to stay in the same industry? Is it now time to take that leap and try something new? The opportunities are endless. Look inside yourself and decide what you want for the next chapter of your life.

Boost your resume

If you’ve been in a position for a while, it’s probably time to refresh your resume (need help, our founder Christie is here for you!). Make sure that your resume matches what career opportunities you want and show a bit of your personality. Make sure it’s a show stopper with just the right bits of information.

Find a new opportunity

It’s time to hit the pavement! Start searching for your next opportunity. This can be through us here at Style Nine to Five, Indeed, LinkedIn and so many more resources. Apply for jobs that will make you happy and where you see yourself growing and learning. 

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By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette