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January through March are known as the quieter months both in retail and in the workforce when it comes to hiring. Slower business, winter vacations and new year planning usually mean employers aren’t really looking to grow their teams right now in contrast to the busy hiring season just before the holidays.


With all that being said, it doesn’t mean this isn’t the time for you to get out there and look for your next step in your career. Whether you’re looking to enter the workforce or a new opportunity there are many great ways to be resourceful and find employment even during the slow months. If you’re looking to make a move, check out our recommended tips to help you find the right job for you!


  1. Use The Right Online Resources

Online job search tools have definitely evolved over the last five to ten years and now you can find more than your average labour work on the right job board. A great way to find the career you’re looking for is working with online job board or recruiting agencies that specialize in the field of work you’re looking for, like Style Nine to Five for example. LinkedIn is also another great way to find work, because not only can you search for opportunities, but employers can search for you!


  1. Face To Face

Looking for a job in retail? You might have better luck going in-store and speaking directly with a manager about opportunities, rather than emailing HR or applying online. Going in face to face allows them to see your brand in-person and also shows that you have initiative and are personable; don’t forget to bring your resume!. Don’t be discouraged if they aren’t hiring right now because that first introduction might just keep you top of mind when a position comes up!


  1. Connect With Your Network

Your personal and professional network can be so helpful in your job search, don’t ever discredit them! Ask an old colleague or boss to lunch, or email some friends to see about any opportunities that might be coming up. Your network might also have an insight into jobs that might not be posted, so they might be able to get you ahead of other applicants!


  1. Work With A Recruiter

We know that recruiters sometimes get a bad rep for wasting a bunch of time and never getting you an interview, let alone the job. The truth is, you probably weren’t working with a good one. Recruiters are experienced in job hunting, finding candidates and seasoned ones will likely have a good relationship with their clients. They’ll be able to pick up on your skill set and pair you with the right opportunities, as well as coach you when it comes to interviewing time.


  1. Be Ahead Of The Curve

Knowing your industry and being knowledgeable on news is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and tune into things like new store openings, company growth, and hiring plans in the future. LinkedIn has a great feature where you can follow industries to keep up with news from companies and industry trends that might help you come across that new career opportunity.

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By M.J. Elle, Toronto, ON (@TheMJElle)

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