Fashion Jobs – How I Got Hired as a PR & Marketing Intern at HUGO BOSS


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Style Nine to Five has always been my go-to place to search for jobs and internships related to the fashion industry. There are so many fascinating and cool opportunities out there, and I made it a habit to visit the job page daily because I never wanted to miss out on an opening (how do you think I became a feature fashion writer for SNTF?).


I recently came across a posting for a PR & Marketing Internship at HUGO BOSS on Style Nine to Five and by the time I finished reading the job description I already pictured myself in the role, and the best part was it was paid. I struggled for a few months finding an internship where I would feel challenged but still learn and gain skills that would benefit in my growth and build my knowledge. Even though I didn’t know for sure what exact career I wanted, I knew I wanted to feel challenged, always be learning, and be creative.


The day after I applied went something like this: I received an email for an interview on Tuesday, interviewed on Wednesday, got hired in the evening, and training began on Thursday. While on my way to the HUGO BOSS office I was really calm without any expectations because I felt like I wouldn’t be qualified enough for the position.


My resume only had retail experience, I never worked in an office environment, and I didn’t go to school or study for anything related to PR and Marketing. So I went in relaxed and just had a conversation about myself and my experiences, asked plenty of questions and it was sufficient enough because I got hired. I am currently at the HUGO BOSS Head Office working alongside the Director of PR & Marketing two to three times a week and I can definitely say I am absorbing more than I could have ever imagined.


I am involved in many aspects of loaning out clothing for magazines and photo shoots, to helping organize HUGO BOSS events, tracking press, and creating company directives for the corporate team in Germany. There is something about being in an environment with like-minded people all working towards the same goal that really gives you a sense of purpose, and personally drives me through the day. I am grateful to be working alongside a strong, inspiring, and hardworking boss who is helpful and supportive in my growth as an employee.


There are many facets to the department and there isn’t just one job to be done; for the times I am in the office there is a new job, a new task that must be complete and I always try to be assertive and ask questions because what is currently a learning experience can and hopefully will lead me to a greater opportunity.


Image courtesy of Ivana Pavkovic


By Ivana Pavkovic, Toronto, @iforeveronvacation