Fashion Jobs – 2017 Trend Alert: Pyjama Party 

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2016 was definitely the year of athleisure wear, but it looks like the fashion world is going to enter a whole new level of comfort this year thanks to the highly covetable sleepwear trend. From celebs to bloggers, there’s been no shortage of pyjama-inspired streetwear sightings and now its time for you to give it a try!   

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Now, despite the urge, we can’t simply jump out of bed and head straight to the office. The entire reason this is a trend is because it combines the comfort of PJ’s with the chic look of sophistication. The key is to look polished which means no wrinkles, stains or missing buttons.

Having a matching low-cut button down top and loosely fit drawstring bottom is not essential but it does make things a lot easier in the morning. The staple to the pyjama top is most often the peter pan or shirt collar, wide cuff and the square pocket on the left side of the chest.

Similarly, the popularity of the silk slip dress, lace trim cami and elongated robe over pieces give you the chance to play around with layering.  And let’s not forget about patterns and stripes, which most often are what distinguishes a pyjama piece. 

This year, if you decide to jump on this trend, make sure to fully rock the look – this means with accessories and a killer pair of heels. But make sure to wear accessories that don’t clash with your patterns. Finally, don’t forget the hair and makeup, because you don’t want to your boss to think that you completely skipped out on getting ready for work in the morning. 

1. Image courtesy of @camila_cabello via Instagram

2. Image courtesy of @kourtneykardash via Instagram 

3. Image courtesy of @lucyhale via Instagram 

4. Image courtesy of @shaym via Instagram 

5. Image courtesy of @sofiarichie via Instagram 

By: Dia McLaughlin, Mississauga, @diamari3

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