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Do you love that thrill of finding a truly unique vintage piece? Yup, us too. There is nothing like digging through treacherous piles of clothing, driving from yard sale to yard sale, and finally finding the holy grail you’ve been searching for. After years of wandering consignment boutiques and sketchy markets, we’ve become pros and some might even say true collectors. Herein we share our takeaways, with the learnings that only experience can bestow.  Here are our top tricks and tips for successful vintage shopping.

1.Discard the list

Vintage stores are riddled with garments and accessories that know no bounds of seasons. This means that you might walk out with the perfect pair of denim shorts in the mist of winter. So do yourself a favor and walk in with an open mind, you will thank yourself in the future.

2. Don’t expect perfection

This one should be a no brainer. Vintage stores are rife with slightly loved clothing that hold special memories of their previous owners, and as such will come with slight imperfections. Learn to love these small flaws and make sure you read tip number 4.

3. Find a tailor

Touching on tip number 3 comes the trials and travails of vintage clothing. Nothing, with the exception of that rare unicorn, will fit perfectly.  Therefore, it’s standard protocol to find a tailor to modify the garment with specific measurements to your body.

4. Unleash the barter beast

With vintage shopping comes the ancient art of bargaining. You should ask in a sweet and polite manner “Can you do a little better on this?”. In most cases sales associates are open to cutting the price down a couple of dollars if it results in a sale.

5. Be adventurous

Vintage shopping is amazing for finding unique and daring pieces that aren’t offered in mainstream department stores. Have fun styling with different colour palettes and patterns but don’t forget to balance it out with some basic pieces as well.

6. Patience is key

It goes without saying that the hunt for the perfect vintage piece takes dedication and more importantly, patience. You run the risk of searching through racks and racks of musty clothing and possibility leaving empty handed. But for routine vintage shoppers, finding that one rare piece every once in a while makes the chase all the worthwhile.

Inspiration image curtsey of: Vogue

By: Jennifer Wilcox

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