Canada Fashion Jobs – Creating Your Dream Job

Canada Fashion Jobs - Creating Your Dream Job

If you’re finding it difficult to land your dream job, then it’s time to create it! That burning little ember of passion for fashion can quickly ignite entrepreneurial spirit! Thinking of starting your own business? How would you run it, what would you create, would you hire you? Starting up on your own can be scary, and often friends or contemporaries will start a joint venture together. There are great resources in Canada to start your own business and a huge pool of talent to pull from. Your phone contact list alone could yield some potential results for teamsters. Check in with people who have taken the plunge and pick their brains on the do’s and don’ts. Think of a small gap in the market and how your ideas are going to fill it!

If you are dying to work for an organization, with little chance of an upcoming job opening, then design your own position! (Warning: this tactic requires exceptional and thorough research, an unparalleled self marketing campaign/presentation and some big cojones!) You need to speak to the correct person: i.e., department heads/owners. You need to pitch yourself as an indispensable asset to the company and use actual business figures and facts to support your presentation, and you need to be tactful in your approach. Show the company how you’ll fill their void, and how you’ll be the ONLY person who can do it. It will require a lot of perseverance and preparation, but even in the very worst case scenario, they’ll remember your tenacity!

Who has your dream job in fashion? Research that person. Trace their path to success: where they went to school, where they interned, who gave them their career boost and emulate it! If possible, approach that person. If that’s a pure fantasy, then talk to their local equivalent. Write an email – better yet, a fan letter – and tell them how much you admire their talent! Offer an opportunity to help them, job shadow, interview, buy them lunch – anything to instigate a conversation on how that job manifests and could be attainable for you. Could you be their right hand guy/gal? People land their dream jobs every day, and one of them is yours!

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By: Andrea Charlton

Andrea Charlton is a Vancouver-based Freelance Fashion Writer, and has spent over a decade working in various areas of the industry. Her latest efforts include helping post secondary students with education and work.

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