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Fashion Jobs – April Showers

Thursday, March 6th, 2014







Spring is right around the corner and we all know what that means: slush-covered sidewalks and rainy days. There is nothing worse than getting caught in the rain and getting completely drenched, so make sure you’re well equipped this year! Make the most of the gloomy, cloudy weather with cute rain gear and look fashion forward while you stay bone dry. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to torrential downpour!


1. A massive trend that is happening in SS14 is the pink jacket. Looking to make your raincoat a little more fashion forward? Opt for this light pink number from Urban Outfitters to keep things light on a cloudy day.  Coincidence & Chance Cutest Rain Slicker Jacket, $79, available at Urban Outfitters .


2. Here is a little twist on the classic Hunter Boots for $230. They will ensure your feet stay dry in those spring puddles, but you’ll still look great! Hunter Boots Regent Apsley Rainboots, $230 at Hunter Boots.


3. Adding a fun umbrella to your rainy wardrobe is a great way to stand out while keeping your hair and makeup intact. The one I’ve provided here is a 60s mod take on the umbrella by Hunter Boots, but there are so many fabulous ones out there! Another great place to look for umbrellas is Topshop, who always have unique and creative designs. Hunter Boots Clear Bubble Umbrella, $48 available at Hunter Boots.


4. Finish off your spring outfit with a great bag, like the Classic Q Lil Ukita Purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Go for a lighter colour for spring like this light grey version I’ve provided.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Lil Ukita Purse, $428 available at Marc Jacobs.


By: Kelly Stewart, Toronto

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Fashion Jobs Toronto – Under My Umbrella

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014


After what has been a very long, cold winter, the spring countdown is on! We all know that those spring showers bring spring flowers, but unless we’re watching from inside we have to stay warm and dry. It’s never fun to be caught outside when the rain starts, so it is best to be prepared with waterproof jackets and accessories like the ones I’ve picked here. I like to keep my raingear bright and cheerful, it helps on dreary day. From affordable ruffled umbrellas to the classic Burberry trench and sporty jackets to a designer boot, there are many options to keep you dry and fashionable. Bring on the showers!

1 Boots

1. Merona Houndstooth Rainboot, $35, available at Target

2. Tretorn Rainboot, $85, available at Gravity Pope

3. Hunter + Rag & Bone Rainboot, $295

2 Bags


4. Topshop Perspex Tote, $37

5. Mara Hoffman Carryall Tote, $289, available at Farfetch

6. Emilio Pucci Printed Plastic Tote, $897, available at Stylebop

3 Jackets

7. Old Navy Hooded Lined Raincoat, $45

8. Lands’ End Insulted Squall Parka, $197

9. Burberry Trench, $1,795

4 Umbrellas


10. Forever 21 Ruffled Travel Umbrella, $12

11. Brooks Brothers Umbrella, $60

12. Anna Coroneo Mayfair Umbrella, $190, available at Ahalife


By: Rachel Ingram, Toronto

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Rain Rain Go Away

Monday, August 12th, 2013






If you live anywhere near Toronto, chances are you’ve experienced the insane rainstorms this hot and humid summer.  One moment the weather would be perfectly fine, the next there is a sudden downpour of rain leaving you soaking wet.  I remember the excitement of heading to my first concert of the summer, all dressed up and ready to go; that is until I looked outside.  Needless to say, I was not prepared for the weather at all and I was left feeling uncomfortable the whole night.  There’s nothing you can do to prevent the crazy weather from happening, all you can do is be prepared.  So here are a few basic essentials for those rainy days.


If you’re anything like me, you hate wearing long pants or jeans.  I always opt for skirts or dresses when it’s raining to avoid the clinging feeling of soaked clothing.  Besides, if you add summer heat on top of the rain, I doubt you would want to be wearing jeans in this weather.  Over my outfit, I always like to wear a lightweight parka, or something more water resistant to cover up.  An umbrella doesn’t always quite do the trick, especially when it’s pouring, so having a jacket helps keep you extra dry.


Lastly are shoes, the number one enemy of rainy days.  Nobody ever likes the feeling of having squishy feet and soaking wet socks, which is why rain boots is the best way to go.  On days when rain is slightly lighter, wearing patent leather flats or rubber jelly shoes are good alternatives to help keep your feet a little drier and more comfortable.


Next time, don’t let the rain bring you down!  Always remember to check the weather beforehand and be aware of any severe thunderstorm warnings so you can gear up and be prepared for a long, wet day!


By: Oleena Mak, Toronto


1.  Oasis Light Weight Parka, $123, available at ASOS

2.  ASOS Premium Parka with Leather Hood, $196

3.  Pins and Needs Deep-V Tie-Neck Romper, $69, available at Urban Outfitters

4.  Vila Floral Print Sleeveless Dress, $44, available at ASOS

5.  MARC by MARC JACOBS Skinny Stripey Lips Umbrella, $63, available at Nordstrom

6.  Donia Rain Boots, $24, available at ALDO

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Singing in the Rain

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Let’s face it, rainy days are a drag. Luckily there are umbrellas out there that will not only keep you dry but also complete your outfit. From patterns to bright bold colours, the umbrella you choose can become an accessory that stands out. Let’s not forget that the umbrella will also serve a purpose, so buy one that is sturdy and will last through the stormiest of days. Since you can now brave the elements in style, maybe the rain won’t seem so bad.

1. Eddie Bauer Compact Auto Open/Close Umbrella, $30
2. Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Walking Stick Umbrella, $35
3. Fulton Bloomsbury Umbrella, $45, available at Hudson’s Bay Company
4. San Francisco Umbrella Company, $42, available at eLUXE
5. Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Umbrella, $24
6. Zara Leopard Print Maroon Umbrella, $26

By: Gabi Pirraglia, Toronto

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Rock the Rain

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

With fall on the horizon, these sunny skies are going to get a little cloudy. Make rainy days that much brighter with whimsical, stylish pieces that are functional too. Show off your personality in a fun pair of rain boots or keep it classic in a flattering, cinched trench coat. This Pagoda umbrella is big enough to share with friends, while this ultra-compact style from Anthropologie fits easily into your purse so you’re always prepared for surprise showers. Whether you want to splash in the puddles or protect your blowout, these pieces have you covered.

1. Kookai Trench Coat, $261, available at ASOS
2. J. Crew Barbour Hawkstone Parka, $549
3. Hunter Lace Up Rain Boots, $119
4. Topshop Dale Low Chelsea Wellies, £25
5. The Umbrella Shop Pagoda Umbrella, $35
6. Anthropologie Patterned Whimsy Umbrella, $30

By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Men’s Guide to Work Wear

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

September is a season of change – with crisp, cool weather and new designer collections hitting stores there is no better time to update or re-create your work wear wardrobe with tailored fabrics, rich colors and timeless good taste. Think classic wool suiting in versatile charcoal, textured sweaters with a sporty cut, sophisticated printed shirts, and must-have, functional accessories with high style edge.
Be ready for the promotion.

1. Canali Bengal Stripe Cotton Shirt, $205 US, available at Mr. Porter
2. Burberry Wool Silk Check Tie, $175
3. Coach Legacy Brief, $498 US
4. Club Monaco London Undercover Umbrella, $195
5. J.Crew Ludlow Classic Suit Pant, $272
6. Tommy Hilfiger Zip Mock Neck Waffle Sweater, $178

By: Elizabeth Pryde, Managing Editor, Vancouver

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Comfort vs. Fashion

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Spring is one of those strange seasons that never stays consistent. We face high and low temperatures, muddy walk ways and likely an abundance of rain. Through all of the confusion when it comes to the weather how do we stay stylish while fighting the ever changing elements? Fear not, there are several key pieces that will keep you looking good while you stay warm or dry.

Fighting the Rain:

Umbrellas are your new best friend. With endless patterns and colours, there is bound to be an option for every wardrobe. Be sure to look around the check out line at your favourite stores as that is where umbrellas are usually placed.

1. ModCloth Umbrella, $30
2. Gap Umbrella, $26

Be One With the Mud:

When there is rain and no snow, there is going to be a ton of mud. Rain boots are an obvious bet for the rain but they also come in handy if you happen to find yourself in a muddy situation. Check out some of the fun options below to avoid getting dirty.

3. Coach Tasha Rainboots, USD $128
4. Hunter Rainboots, USD $125

Beat the Cool Nights:

Though it may be warm during the day, when night falls a chill may still be in the air. Keep yourself warm with cute jackets to complete your look.

5. Garage Parka Jacket, $47

6. Forever 21 Belted Trench Coat, $46

By: Shorey Andrews, Toronto

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Rule the Rain

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Spring rain can be refreshing and romantic…or it can seriously ruin your look. Navigating the city streets can be dangerous when wet, so arm yourself with some practical rain gear to protect your hair and clothes. A fitted trench, sophisticated rain boots and colourful accessories help you stay dry without sacrificing style, so you might even welcome a wet and rainy weather forecast.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs What A Spectacle Printed Umbrella, $58, available on
2. Sophie Jelly Bag – Blush, $85, available on
3. ASOS Hooded Quilted Jacket With Spot Lining, $88
4. J. Crew Matinee Trench, $206
5. ModCloth Rain And Shine Boot, $53
6. Aigle Ecuyer Boots, $155, available on

By: Sara Constantineau, Toronto 

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