Toronto Fashion Jobs – Comfort vs. Fashion

Spring is one of those strange seasons that never stays consistent. We face high and low temperatures, muddy walk ways and likely an abundance of rain. Through all of the confusion when it comes to the weather how do we stay stylish while fighting the ever changing elements? Fear not, there are several key pieces that will keep you looking good while you stay warm or dry.

Fighting the Rain:

Umbrellas are your new best friend. With endless patterns and colours, there is bound to be an option for every wardrobe. Be sure to look around the check out line at your favourite stores as that is where umbrellas are usually placed.

1. ModCloth Umbrella, $30
2. Gap Umbrella, $26

Be One With the Mud:

When there is rain and no snow, there is going to be a ton of mud. Rain boots are an obvious bet for the rain but they also come in handy if you happen to find yourself in a muddy situation. Check out some of the fun options below to avoid getting dirty.

3. Coach Tasha Rainboots, USD $128
4. Hunter Rainboots, USD $125

Beat the Cool Nights:

Though it may be warm during the day, when night falls a chill may still be in the air. Keep yourself warm with cute jackets to complete your look.

5. Garage Parka Jacket, $47

6. Forever 21 Belted Trench Coat, $46

By: Shorey Andrews, Toronto

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