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Fashion Jobs – Holiday Season Success

Friday, October 18th, 2013

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1. Be over-prepared. Over hire seasonal employees. The holidays are not only the busiest time of year, but a time where the cold and flu goes around. You want to have enough on-call employees for this.

2. Be flexible. The holiday season is one of the most stressful times for management: remember to take care of your employees. Even though you have blackout periods, try to be flexible with your employee’s availability. A happy employee will work even harder for you because they want to. I remember I had to have a full staff on New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve. I let the employees choose what night they’d rather work instead of making someone work Christmas Eve if being with their family was more important that getting ready to celebrate the New Year. I had a sign-up sheet at the back with 2 columns: 1 for New Years and 1 for Christmas Eve. I let the employees sign up for which day they’d rather work. I’m not saying do this, this is just an example of how I was flexible in a, what can be, a hectic time. My staff were all happy and we had a smooth run for the holiday season.

3. Reward employees for a good job or sale. If an employee makes an amazing sale, how are you re- warding them – besides the commission they may be receiving? I used to have a customer comment sheet in our back room and who ever got the most at the end of the week would be rewarded. You could buy a Starbucks card, or a MAC gift certificate to show my appreciation…these little gestures of appreciation mean so much to your employees.

4. Gift shopping. When a customer comes in to buy a gift, find out who they’re buying for and always suggest more items. If a guy is looking at a pair of gloves for his girlfriend, show him a coordinating hat and scarf, too! If a gal is looking for a dress shirt for her dad, a matching tie and cuff links would be good suggestions. Remember, shopping for gifts can be stressful and sometimes shoppers don’t know what to buy. The help of a sales associate will be appreciated and these types of shoppers are also more open to suggestions! Your sales associates are the experts – shoppers trust their opinion.

5. Add to the sale. Don’t let a customer go in with just one item. It’s not about being pushy. The customer doesn’t know the stock as well as you. Maybe a top they might love is hidden and they just didn’t see it. You also know what looks great on someone – as we know, many things look better off the hanger! Gauge the customer’s style and choose at least 2 other items you think they’d like. They’re already in the fitting room, what’s another few items? Is there a great pair of pants that would look good with the top and help sell it? Don’t forget to top off the sale with matching accessories!

*This tip is especially important for holiday party shopping! Customers will need the shoes, earrings and a purse to go with their dress.

6. Be passionate, excited….and remember to smile. It’s all about how you come across to the customer. Are you excited about the item you’re selling? This will make them excited, too. Choose items to add to the customer’s fitting room that you yourself love so your suggestion is genuine…”We got this really great top in yesterday and it looks amazing on!” or “I have this top myself and get tons of compliments when I wear it!”

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Climbing the Retail Ladder

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

RETAIL: the after-school job that turned into a rewarding career. The retail industry is not just about selling clothes, and it’s definitely not just an after-school job anymore. Retail is an industry that fosters many successful creative and leadership careers.

If you see yourself wanting a career in a retail environment, I have some tips and tricks for you to succeed in a world of cropped tops and skinny jeans.

1. Accept the retail schedule: If you want to get ahead in the retail world, your hours of commitment every week will not be consistent. Is that such a bad thing? For myself, over the years, it has allowed me to organize my time off, and make the most of it. Does that mean you should give up your life to sell t-shirts and hoodies? Nope, it just means that you should not expect your retail job to be a M-F: 9-5, which is not what you want anyway is it?

2. Be a leader: Even if you are not in a management position, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader. This is the number one quality when I hire anyone at any level. Do you have a sense of leadership? Will you try to find a solution before quickly asking? Will you use your resources to solve a problem, before bringing it to your supervisor?

3. Dress to impress: How will you ever convince anyone to give you a promotion if you wear that sweater with the seam coming undone, and a pair of Uggs to work? The answer is, you won’t. Make sure you put thought into your own outfitting. Just like financiers and lawyers wear suits to work, you must embrace the trends and dress to impress. This tells your peers, and your supervisors that you are serious about your role. You do not have to spend big bucks to achieve a professional but trendy look (see my example below).

4. Ditch the break-room gossip: No seriously, do not say a single negative word about someone else, that is just not productive in the slightest. If there is a valid issue, take the time to address it with a supervisor. Never complain to peers, that gets you nowhere.

5. Have fun: working in retail means you get to socialize with people all day! Have fun with it, be genuine with your customers, get to know them, you never know what kind of amazing connection you’ll make! I have made great friends, just by getting to know my regular customers.

Product details:

Striped Long Sleeve Dress $29: Joe Fresh – Joe Fresh Vancouver located at: 540 Granville Street; Joe Fresh Toronto (one of) located at: 589 Queen Street West; Joe Fresh Montreal (one of) located at: 395 Jean-Talon Ouest

Sans Collar Blazer $98: Anthropologie – Anthropologie Vancouver located at: 2912 Granville Street (South Granville)
Anthropologie Toronto located at 80 Yorkville Ave, or 19 Clock Tower Road

Blue Satchel Bag $125: MATT & NAT online -OR Plenty Stores carry MATT & NAT products in Vancouver; For stores in Toronto & Montreal visit

Kimchi Blue Ditsy Floral flats $29: Urban Outfitters: Urban Outfitters in Vancouver located at: 830 Granville Street; Urban Outfitters in Toronto located at: 481 Queen Street West, or 235 Yonge Street; Urban Outfitters in Montreal is located at: 1246 Ste. Catherine Street, or 4301 St. Denis Street

Skinny Studded Belt $30: Gap – Gap Vancouver (one of) is located at: 1121 Robson Street; Gap Toronto (one of) is located at: 3401 Dufferin Street; Gap Montreal (one of) is located at: 4210 St-Denis

By: Jo BouSaleh of Hunter and Hare, Vancouver

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