How to Negotiate Your Job Offer - Style Nine to Five

How to Negotiate Your Job Offer

Nothing is tougher than receiving an offer for an amazing job opportunity only to realize the salary is much less than what you are worth and were hoping for. Job offer negotiation is never easy to navigate, though it’s a critical skill and important part of growing within your profession. One of my financial mentors […]

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Melanie Auld - Style Nine to Five Career Article

Talking Company Culture and Career Advice with Melanie Auld

Style Nine to Five spoke with Melanie about her company’s work culture, what she looks for in candidates, how to stand out as an applicant, and creating career opportunities. For eight years, Vancouver-based Melanie Auld Jewelry has been creating stunning pieces that tell a personalized story unique to its wearer, and has become a household […]

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Fashion Jobs – Weekly Recap

Now that November is almost to a close, we wanted to kick off the new week by recapping all our favourite Style Nine to Five articles from the week prior, just to ensure we’re all on the same page when it comes to the world of SNTF fashion. From styling the on-trend puffer jacket to becoming […]

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