5 Things Every Resume Must Have

Work experience, skills list, a professional title – you’ve got all the basics down, but it still feels like your resume is missing something. But, if you have all the usual things in place, what could it possibly be? A resume requires more than just the basics to truly get the attention of the hiring […]

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Cover Letter Mistakes - Style Nine to Five

4 Worst Cover Letter Mistakes

Perfecting your cover letter is the key to getting a leg up in such a competitive job market. Old cover letter practices have been phased out, and there might be some details you just haven’t considered fine-tuning. Double-check each cover letter you’re sending out to ensure you’re not making any of the following four mistakes. […]

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package - Style Nine to Five

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Application Package

So, you aren’t getting job offers, but you can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with your application package, and you certainly don’t have hours to spend trying to sort it out. Don’t worry – there are plenty of quick and easy fixes you can implement to clean up your resume and cover letter that’ll give […]

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Spotlight Series – Maria Papadakis and Emelie Savard

In an arena that can be saturated with content, the hosts of It’s Literally Fine Podcast have made their mark. Creating authentic content that resonates with a wide audience hosts Maria Papadakis and Emelie Savard have created a strong and loyal following that continues to grow. These two women embody how taking a risk and […]

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