Resume and Cover Letter Tips - Style Nine to Five

5 Resume and Cover Letter FAQs

Whether you’re re-entering the workforce or brand new to it, job applications are daunting all the same. There’s no clear-cut guide on what employers expect, often leaving us fumbling to figure things out. While it’s impossible to please every hiring manager who looks at your resume, here are some commonly accepted best practices of application […]

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The 6 Best Skills to Include in Your Cover Letter - Style Nine to Five

The 6 Best Skills to Include in Your Cover Letter (Plus What to Leave Out)

A cover letter that accurately illustrates your professional capabilities and potential is your in to landing that interview. While you can entice the recruiter’s curiosity with a unique opener, you need to keep their attention by highlighting specific skills in your cover letter. You might be asking yourself why including skills on your cover letter […]

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Four Small Details That Can Make or Break Your Job Application - Style Nine to Five

Four Small Details That Can Make or Break Your Job Application

The smallest details of your job applications are also your first impression on a hiring manager. For instance, if a hiring manager sees that you forgot to add a subject line on your application email, they can automatically decide that you aren’t as detail-oriented as your resume claims you are. Employers see file names before […]

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3 Unique Cover Letters Openers - Style Nine to Five

3 Unique Cover Letters Openers

Dear Hiring Manager, ….Now what?! Writing a great cover letter can be daunting, especially when you can’t even make it past the first line. If you want to stand out to the hiring manager, you need to start your letter with something that jumps off the page and catches their attention. Nothing is worse than […]

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3 Ways to Save Time On Cover Letters - Style Nine to Five

3 Ways to Save Time on Cover Letters

Submitting the same cover letter to every job you apply for is no longer acceptable. Unique cover letters are a great way to show companies that you care, but they can also cost you tons of time, which is not ideal if you’re applying for a multiple jobs at once. Luckily, there are a few […]

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Bad Job Application Habits to Break - Style Nine to Five

Bad Job Application Habits to Break ASAP

So, you’re applying to jobs and not hearing back. It feels like your personality or experience is the problem, but have you considered that your applications are the issue? Maybe the information on your resume isn’t concise enough, or tells very little about you – or, maybe no hiring managers have even gotten to reading […]

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6 Ways to Beat the Interview Jitters - Style Nine to Five

6 Ways to Beat the Interview Jitters

No matter how excited you are about getting an interview, your nerves are sure to kick in before the big day. For many of us, job interviews can set off sweaty palms, shortness of breath, a shaky voice, and even forgetting what you were about to say. While you might never be totally relaxed in […]

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Get Hired – Cover Letters Tips

To get a Fashion Job, or any job, you need to put yourself out there. You need to get the attention of the recruiter or the hiring manager. You need to make a statement and get noticed. Your resume is a great start to show your qualifications, skills, recent work history, but it a cover […]

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Fashion Jobs – How to Write a Cover Letter

Read on to find out how to write a cover letter! Job hunting is a tedious process that can be downright frustrating at times. In a time where we’re so rushed, I’m sure that many of us have been tempted to hit the “apply” button without attaching an individualized cover letter to go with our resume! […]

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