Movin’ on Up!

When you are searching the fashion job market seemingly endlessly, you’re bound to come across postings for retail help. Even though this may not be your first choice, it’s important to remember – everyone starts somewhere! Many retailers across Canada are headed in larger cities across the nation, so your dream of designing for a […]

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Fashion Jobs in Canada

Style Nine to Five is the one-stop fashion career website that brings fashion industry employers and job seekers together with our large listing of fashion jobs, online resume database and expert advice columns. Style Nine to Five contains the latest and most extensive listing of fashion jobs in Canada which attracts top employers and fashion […]

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Toronto Fashion Jobs - Knowing Your Worth - Style Nine to Five

Toronto Fashion Jobs – Knowing Your Worth

It’s important to enter the fashion industry with a good attitude, a thick skin, and a backbone. It’s a tough gig, and it can be hard to gauge where entry level stops and experience begins. Because the industry is so multifaceted, there may not be comparable fixed salary for your role within a company. Roles […]

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Montreal Fashion Jobs - What to Wear to a Job Interview - Style Nine to Five

Montreal Fashion Jobs – What To Wear: Job Interview

Read our latest blog post on what to wear to an interview: 5 Interview Staple Pieces You Need in your Closet Google the term “what to wear” and you will find that one of the top searches under the subject seems to be a question of dressing for interviews. This is no surprise, as for […]

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Interview Tips - Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in Canada

Toronto Fashion Jobs – Ace Your Interview

Toronto Designer Ashley Rowe gives you tips on how to get that job! You’ve submitted your resume and are ready for your first interview. What next? Follow our top ten tips to nail your first interview: Top Ten Tips: 1. Once you’ve submitted your resume, always follow up a week later with a phone call. […]

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Montreal Fashion Jobs - Intern - Style Nine to Five

Montreal Fashion Jobs – Intern!

The constant dilemma: you need experience to get hired, but how can you get experience when no one will hire you? The answer: Interning. The importance of volunteering your services in creative fields cannot be stressed enough. With a tough job market, in a competitive field, the more hands on experience you have, the more […]

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – Ashley Rowe On Resumes

    Toronto Designer Ashley Rowe, recently known for her Spattered Tees, gives her tips on resume writing. You’ve recently graduated with your fashion degree in-hand. What’s next? Landing your dream job. The first step in landing your dream job is a great resume. I receive hundreds of resumes every year and only a handful stand […]

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