5 Skills You Can Teach Yourself to Elevate Your Resume

5 Skills You Can Teach Yourself to Elevate Your Resume - Style Nine to Five

The world and the job market more specifically are ever-evolving. With modern advancements in technology, more skill sets that didn’t exist 10 years ago are now sought after by organizations. While on the other hand, some skill sets that may have once been advantageous in the workforce have been made redundant by those same technological advancements. As technology continues to progress, being able to adapt and learn new skills is imperative to the success of your career.

Luckily, with the current digital landscape, being able to learn new skills is more accessible and affordable than ever. These are five marketable skills you can teach yourself from home that will elevate your resume and give you a competitive edge in the workforce.

1 – Coding

In an increasingly digital world tech skills such as coding are not limited to those who work in IT. Being able to code can be a strong asset for a plethora of careers from marketing and communications to data scientists. Many different coding languages exist and many of them are available to learn online for free! If you work in digital marketing, or communications and are in charge of updating a website, or crafting a newsletter HTML, CSS and possibly even java (a more advanced language) will be helpful tools to have on your resume.

2 – SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice of creating content that is more likely to be picked up by search engines based on what your potential audience will be searching. SEO generally falls under marketing and uses creativity along with technical skills to improve your content output. Even social media applications, such as Instagram have leaned away from the use of hashtags and have begun relying more on SEO practices such as using key words in captions to feed the algorithm and push your content into the feeds of the audience you want to reach. HubSpot and SEMrush offer free training certificates in SEO that you can include on your resume once complete.

3 – Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very specific skill, but applies to many creative roles and industries, including fashion. Having graphic design in your career toolkit can set you apart from competition for many roles including marketing, social media management and more. Graphic design is a skill that relies heavily on your personal creativity, try using a free version of Canva to play around with design and explore tutorials for free on YouTube that will help you if you get stuck, or are looking for technical guidance.

4 – Video Editing

The way we share information and market products and services has changed dramatically in recent years. Increasingly, audiences are gravitating towards consuming information through video content. Even social media platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook, which previously relied on static images and text for content have shifted toward sharing more video content.

If you want to succeed as a brand in today’s market, you need to create video content, including fashion brands and traditional media such as Vogue and other fashion magazines. Having video editing skills, whether that is an ability to stitch together a captivating 10 second TikTok, Instagram reel, or creating longer form content for YouTube or even traditional media can open you up to jobs in marketing, communications, content creation and social media in addition to traditional video editing roles. Check out Udemy for free video editing courses and tutorials that apply to a variety of different platforms and programs.

5 – Leadership

Leadership is a soft skill that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially because it is a skill that is teachable and can be applied to ANY role. We hear “leadership” and associate the word with managerial roles. Nevertheless, leadership skills and tools can be applied and used to our advantage in any position, from entry level and up. In fact, having the ability to manage your superior is incredibly valuable and an asset your boss will appreciate. Being able to implement leadership skills in your position can propel you forward in your career and get you to higher places faster than if you were to rely solely on the leadership around you. Harvard offers multiple free courses in leadership that would be an impressive addition to your resume.

Hiring managers scan your resume for specific skills and education. If your current resume doesn’t have a section for skills and a section for education, or training, consider making space for both of these in your application. Here you can list your most marketable skills and the courses you have completed that apply specifically to the role you are applying. Any of the skills and courses above can be learned at home with little to no cost and can have a large impact on your employability, making you a more attractive candidate for creative roles in fashion and other industries.

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Sheila ONeill is a creative, innovative and inspiring storyteller with a background in fashion.

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