Career Advice – How Therapy Can Benefit Your Day to Day

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When people think of going to therapy, they think of grief counseling, trying to get over a traumatic event, or they have a mental illness. This isn’t the case. Going to therapy is beneficial to anybody and everybody (and we’re not just talking retail therapy). Through therapy, you learn great life skills, get to understand yourself more, and is someone to talk to who you can 100% trust. Going to therapy is not just beneficial to your day to day life, but it will help you at work as well. SNTF has looked at the three best things you’ll learn if you go to therapy.

How to cope

We all understand the feeling when you’re stressed. It’s an awful, overwhelming emotion that takes a toll on you mentally and physically. By going to therapy, you are able to learn coping mechanisms to help deal with day to day stress. By doing this, you’ll find that you’ll be able to be more focused and more productive at work. 

It’s not just stress that you’ll learn how to cope with. It’s how to deal with anger when you have a bad day. How to deal with sadness if you hit a speed bump in your plans. It’s everything in between that we think we have a handle on, but can impact your life in many ways.

How to understand yourself

Burnout is a thing that many people struggle with at work. With therapy, you’ll learn to understand to listen to your body and your mind. This will help you to not become overwhelmed and learn to say no when you need to listen to your body. Taking care of yourself is always number one to anything else.

How to let things go

Holding a grudge is common. Sometimes it’s hard to let things go when you’ve been hurt or done wrong by. By going to therapy, you’re able to talk to someone neutral to let everything off of your chest. You will learn to not hold on to the little things, but understand why they bother you and move past it.

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By: Megan Renaud, Vancouver, @meganbrigette