Retail Jobs – Think You’re in a Retail Rut? Need a Change?

Style Nine to Five - Fashion Jobs in CanadaChristie Lohr - Style Nine to Five


Not so fast. I truly believe retail can be a career! Store Managers can make upwards of $75-90K. I was once a Store Manager myself and can honestly say it was one of my favourite times in my life. Loved the buzz on a busy Saturday, the joy in customer’s faces when they found an amazing outfit and creating a little team/family that motivated me just as much as I motivated them.


Your job is also what you make it. Whenever I felt dissatisfied at my job in retail, I re-invented myself and my role. I added things to it that fulfilled me. If you’re not happy, it’s up to you, not your boss.


When I’m recruiting for Store Manager positions, what I’ve also noticed is as I reach out to current Store Managers about other job opportunities, a lot of them are saying, “Thanks for reaching out but I’m looking to work at a Head Office, or I want to switch to a Sales Rep position, or I’m looking to get into a different field of retail.” I get that too. For them I say, visit for SO MANY JOBS in different areas of fashion and retail. So at least I have an answer for them!


Christie Lohr, founder of Style Nine to Five