Fashion Jobs – 5 Things You Should Do When Searching for a New Job

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Panicking about the nerve-racking job hunt that lies ahead? Dont fear, Style Nine to Five is here! Besides searching us for fashion jobs in Canada and NYC, check out these 5 tips youll need to help keep you on track when applying for a new job.

1. Reaching Out

Although asking around may seem like the evident thing to do, dont underestimate the power of connecting with your peers. Most often, finding out about newly available (and coveted) positions happens simply through word of mouth, as those types of jobs dont usually tend to get publicized much online. This is your chance to put yourself out there, talk to your network and hopefully find out which places are looking to hire within the field you are wanting to enter.

2. Update Everything

When looking for a new job, make sure you give your resume, cover letter and online networking profiles a good revamping. Whenever you decide youd like to work in a new environment make sure you are catering your personal brand to that specific place. For example, if they are looking for someone with strong language skills, emphasize your relevant experience in that regard on your resume, or if they are looking for someone with a good eye for visual content, update your portfolio and include works that you think could possible relate to their company aesthetic.

3. Research

This point goes without saying – research, research, research! From the companiesrecent projects, to the positions available and the employees themselves, there is never too much information to absorb to help prep you for any possible situation to come. Applications, interviews and follow-ups will be easier thanks to your new in-depth knowledge – trust us.

4. Say Yes

Although, there are times where you should remain selective in terms of what positions you choose to take, when looking for work (specifically a first job), you should always try to keep an open mind and take on as many positive opportunities (that you will benefit and grown from) as possible. You never know where something could lead you. Even if the opportunity may seem mundane at the time, you could possibly meet someone influential or even simply find out thats just not where you want to be. Remember: its a learning process.

5. Stay Positive

Dont let the process get you down! Everyone goes through this stressful job-hunt (and soul searching?) period of life and eventually succeeds in finding something that suits their interests and skill set well. Also, just because you dont land a job after doing an interview, it doesnt necessarily mean you were not a qualified or weren’t highly considered as a final candidate. At times, there are uncontrollable reasons as to why someone could secure a job over you and overthinking it wont get you anywhere. Moving forward is the best policy. 


By Sarah Said

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