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Networking Just Got Interesting: Tips on How to Network Through Social Media

One word: networking. Making connections, whether it be in person or online, is pretty much essential to nailing a fashion job today. Here are some quick tips on how to maximize your networking opportunities on social media and hopefully lead you to the career of your dreams.


LinkedIn is perhaps the most obvious social media platform in regards to networking opportunities. This website allows you to see industry professionals’ profiles, post your resume, skills and work-related interests as well as have the opportunity to connect with potential employers and coworkers. If this tool is used well, it can be extremely beneficial in developing long lasting and quality relationships. You must make sure your profile is professional and easy to read so that when an eager-to-hire employer comes across it, there is a clear and positive message about you being shared. Also, you shouldn’t focus primarily on the amount of “connections” you have, but on how you are representing yourself as a whole. This resource could also help you make important career altering decisions by simply being observant. For example, by looking through an industry expert’s LinkedIn resume (who has your definition of #jobgoals), you have to opportunity to see how they attained their role (the companies they worked for, where they studied, their internship and volunteer experience, etc.), which could result in helping you decide what the appropriate next steps should be for you to succeed within your desired field.


Showcasing your personality online has never been easier, thanks to Twitter. In today’s fast-paced society, we are accustomed to instantly receiving concise information on our Smartphones and often get frustrated when we have to read through long paragraphs.

With Twitter, however, you are given 140 characters to voice any emotion, opinion, story or reaction to someone else’s tweet, in your own words. Because Twitter is not focused on images, design or appearances, it proves to be the perfect way to get to know the thoughts, character and opinions of people you look up to within the fashion industry, on a deeper level. Nowadays, Twitter is also being used more and more for discussing serious topics, whether it be politics, ethical concerns or social events, it has been a place of international bonding and deep reflection. It gives you a chance to share your perspectives and values regarding current and significant worldwide issues. The best way to connect with someone is to follow, like his or her tweets and spark interesting conversations through replies. If these conversations go well, they can lead to direct messages, collaborations and perhaps a job.


Instagram is a platform that is condensed with a wide range of creative people such as artists, designers, stylists, bloggers, editors and art directors, who are all looking to share their work through beautiful images as well as draw inspiration from other people. This outlet is the perfect opportunity to showcase your aesthetic and develop a visual brand for yourself in hopes of being noticed by someone influential. To stand out, you must have a distinctive theme to your profile and share relevant photos. Using appropriate hashtags and following the right people are necessary to building connections with others and receiving feedback. Another useful strategy, to ensure people have an efficient way to contact you, is to include your email address in your Bio, along with a short and straightforward description of yourself and/or qualifications. Don’t be afraid to comment and like pictures of potential employers, this shows confidence and that you are eager to put yourself out there, however, you must always remain professional.

Search potential employers through the location search option. For example, want to work for Vogue? Search who tags Conde Naste as a location. Chances are they work there and you could get some great insight on new leads and connections.

By Sarah Said

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