Fashion Jobs – Transitional Outwear

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Spring can be a tricky season to dress for – the sun is out and the parkas can be put away – but it’s not exactly time to break out the dresses and skirts. Here are some ideas on spring jackets to fight the chill and top off your spring looks.



1. Style Inspiration: Pauline Hoarau image courtesy of FASHIONISING

2. Style Inspiration: Alexandra Pereira image courtesy of LOVELY-PEPA

3. Style Inspiration: Jac Jagaciak  image courtesy of FASHIONISING

4. Pala D’oro Sleeveless Beige Cape, $68 available at CARRAIGDONN

5. H&M Coat, $94 available at HM

6. Notion Biker Jacket, NLY Design, $140 available at NLYMAN


By Nikita Due