Fashion Jobs – 5 Fashion Myths to Bust in 2015


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MYTH #1 – No denim on denim

TRUTH As long as the colors or wash of the denims are different, don`t let this myth stop you from wearing your jean jacket with your favourite pair of jeans

MYTH #2 – Invest in timeless pieces not trends

TRUTH Invest in whatever you know you will get the most wear out of!

MYTH #3 – Define your waist to create the most flattering silhouette

TRUTH Whoever said this was crazy. You don’t have to belt everything or wear tight clothes to create a flattering silhouette.

MYTH #4 –   Sequins are only appropriate at night or on NYE

TRUTH Worn with a classic button up shirt or a simple blazer and your sequined piece won’t look out of place

MYTH #5 – Don’t mix patterns

TRUTH – NOT mixing patterns will make your outfit boring and possibly a little too matchy

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Nikita Due