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Workout gear

Most people’s resolutions begin with the usual “lose weight,” “get fit” goals. So why not dedicate some time to what you can wear this 2015 while breaking a sweat? I personally love bright neon colors at the gym, they just radiate good vibes and can turn your rainy day (for those Vancouverites) into a more vibrant one. Bright colors especially, have been proven to improve your mood, combine that with a killer workout and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a good start to your day. No matter what day or month it is, a healthy lifestyle is a top priority. Don’t let a bad day define you, start over and keep going until it becomes a habit, like Nike says: JUST DO IT.

Product List:
Check Meowt tank, $30,available at Etsy
Nike activewear, $54, available at Sports Authority
Don’t Quit racer back shirt, $30, available at Etsy
Lorna Jane green tank, $46, available at House of Fraser
Adidas leopard print sneaker, $195, available at Barneys
Cheap Monday beaded hair accessory, $16, available at Nelly
Water bottle Root7, $29, available at Amara
Lululemon tote bag (similar), $180, available at Lululemon
Yoga Mat, $42, available at Amazon
Casall Gloves, $42, available at Stadium
Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor, $110, available at REI

By: Rubi Samano