Fashion Jobs – Fashion Career Advice: What Makes An Applicant Stand Out?

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Last week, we got a chance to hear what other employers had to say about making it in the industry, and the one piece of advice that they would give to individuals looking to pursue a career in fashion. When it comes to the actual application and screening process, what makes a candidate stand out amongst the pack? Known for being a highly competitive playing field, we set out to discover what different fashion employers each look for when they’re making the hiring decisions.


Christie Lohr asks: What makes an applicant stand out to you?


Sebastian Ramirez from Alexander Nash in NYC: Their relevant experience. School is important but companies need to know that you have the discipline to do simple tasks.


Sarah Cumming from 3×1 in New York:  When they have identified their specific passion and can explain it well through examples. Example: “I love analyzing sales figures to determine future seasons’ merchandise plans. I built a spreadsheet to do this quickly in my last job. The collection was much tighter than previous seasons, and sell-through in the next season was X% higher.”


Jordana Scarapicchia from Le Chateau in Montreal: Creative resumes always stand out! I am always impressed when I receive a resume that is visually appealing (not your standard template), but without getting too caught up with the design and still focused on the content of the resume.  A well written cover letter also goes a long way! It is important to write a letter that is personalized, does not sound too generic and is pertinent to the role that you are applying for. Your cover letter is your employer’s first look at your communication/ writing style so be sure to write your best!


Sarah Anderson from Aritzia in Vancouver: Their ability to understand and, subsequently propel our brand during the interview.


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