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How would you define your dream job? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? We’re asked that often in interviews but have you actually thought of this? Take a moment to truly reflect on what you, as individuals want, free from any external influences. These factors include family, peer, as well as societal expectations, and even pressures that we place on ourselves. Given all the distractions and disruptions in our immediate environments, it becomes difficult to think only of what would make us happy.


Christie: A dream job should lie at the point of impact between your passions and skills. It should be completely unique to you, because there is no other person like you out there. Why rely on conventional job titles to describe what you would call your ideal career? Who cares if your dream job description doesn’t exist? Create your own if you have to! Stay true to what you want, and make achieving that goal your Plan A. When I launched Style Nine to Five, I knew that I had finally taken the first major step in attaining what I had always dreamed of. I had no Plan B because I didn’t want one. While that may create a high pressure environment to succeed for many, I found it motivating as it forced me to work that much harder to make sure that I did not fail.


However, owning a business is not the right path for everyone. In fact, for many of you, your dream job already exists in today’s employment marketplace. If that is the case, then carefully examine your wants and needs when mapping out your career plan. Other aspects of the “job,” including the geographical location of where you will work and the company culture are just as important as the actual job description. If you know that you want to work in New York City, at an open concept office environment that is more casual than corporate, then you’ve just helped yourself narrow down your choices. This isn’t about eliminating possibilities, rather, it’s about staying true to what will make you happy. You should be especially picky when it comes to your future career! After all, who wants to waste their time doing something that they don’t enjoy?

By: Anna Zhao

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