Vancouver Fashion Jobs – Enchanted Garden

“I want this place to look like a garden, but a garden in hell,” Vogue’s iconic editor Diana Vreeland, famously said about her red apartment. “I can’t imagine being bored with it – it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.”

Hot on the heels of the launch of Vreeland’s documentary, Eye Has to Travel, couturiers personified said garden, adding ingenuity to Spring’s floral trend. Valentino, Chanel and Margiela’s runways all saw an ethereal aesthetic, where Great Gatsby glamour meets A Midsummer Night’s Dream mystique. Designers used novel accouterments to elevate the magic, including gilded brocade, tiered silk chiffon lace, and even custom-made organza false eyelashes – the latter by Karl Lagerfeld, no less.

To channel this enchanted garden party, opt for elegant yet unique pieces with bold embellishments, like the leather bodice on Free People’s floral maxi dress, or Haute Hippie’s sequined mini.

1. Style inspiration, Chanel Couture Spring/Summer 2013, image courtesy of
2. Style inspiration, Margiela Couture Spring/Summer 20113, image courtesy of
3. H&M Jacket, $50
4. Free People Maxi Dress, $401
5. Zara Blouse, $60
6. J. Crew Gilded Brocade Bomber Jacket, $340
7. Haute Hippie Skirt, $648, available at Kiss & Makeup
8. Isa Tapia Pumps, $467, available at Shopbop

By: Ali Leier, Vancouver

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