Toronto Fashion Jobs – New Hemline About Town

There’s a new girl in town and she’s not wearing a mini. Move over micro, the belle of this ball shows a lot less skin. Below the knee is the new chick on the scene. From mid-calf to maxi, Marilyn pleats or mermaids, these cuts leave a lot to the imagination and are redefining what sexy is. Why do i like it? It does the work for you—it adds all the drama on its own and takes you from a.m. to p.m. in one elegant spin of fabric, which is why it’s an invaluable piece in your closet. For day, you can wear a tee and flats. For evening, heels and a camisole. As demure as a southern belle but with all style and sophistication of a big city lady. Go on, sidewalk sweep those hemlines.

1. Zara Accordian Pleat Skirt, $79, available at Zara

2. James Perse Long Side Split Skirt, $165, available at James Perse or Revolve

3. Malene Berger Sensi pleated satin-jersey maxi skirt, $360, available at Net-a-porter

4. Haute Hippe phillips skirt, $380, available at Shop Bop

5. Patterson J Kincaid fira maxi skirt, $124, available at Saks 

6. Alexis serge long skirt with train, $275, available at Singer22


By: Kate Horsman of Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Vancouver

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