Vancouver Fashion Jobs – All That Glitters

Festive [fes-tiv]: an adjective pertaining to something suitable for a feast or merry making. What comes to mind? Sparkle. That’s right, it’s time to bring out your inner showgirl because the holidays are the perfect time to pull out all the stops. But be careful – not all that glitters is indeed gold. Little hits here and there are the easiest way to go, so have fun with it. If you’re going to wear sparkle you better be ready to smile. These accessories will amp up any old LBD or even jeans and a tee in the most high fashion, festivus way. Now go find some mistletoe.

1. Haffen High Heel ($100), available at Aldo Shoes.
2. Glitter combat boot ($180), available at Betsey Johnson.
3. Sequin ($49.90), available at Zara.
4. Sequin Wallet/Clutch ($59.90), available at Zara.
5.“If You Think I’m Sexy” Nail Polish ($22), by Deborah Lippman, available at BluBird and Kiss and Makeup.

6. Sequin Embellished Suspenders ($282), from Dolce & Gabbana, available at Net-a-Porter.

By: Katherine Horsman (Bullet With Butterfly Wings),Vancouver

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