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In such a competitive industry as fashion, it may sometimes seem as if you’re out there alone, searching for career leadership. You’re not! There are people in all stages of their careers just like you, needing direction, support, encouragement and a solid plan. Those who’ve struggled have looked to others for guidance and found their path, while some are returning the favour to help those new up-and-comers. There is a point in your career when you might have to ask yourself: am I a mentee or a mentor?

If you’ve found yourself moving from company to company and at a loss for a clearly defined career path in the huge industry of fashion, finding a mentor might seem like a lofty goal. It’s not. Mentors are everywhere! You just need to know where to find them, and what to look for in a mentorship. Career mentors need to have similar goals to yours, and be positive in their outlook. They need to be able to give you honest advice and criticism for you to be able to learn. Having years of experience will help, as they’ve likely faced challenges like yours before. Being available to you is important too – what good is setting up a mentorship with someone who is too busy to talk with you? The key factor to look for is within a mentor’s character. If you two gel, it’s not going to take long to develop a focus for your career and a purpose for your relationship with each other.

There are many community programs supporting mentorship in all aspects of life. Of course, common sense would have you look to your workplace for mentorship, but this is not where the search ends. Mentors can just as easily come from your past. Think about what inspired you to pursue fashion, and the people who first enthusiastically supported your endeavors. There may have been people you’ve met along the way who, although career paths did not bring you together, you found them truly inspiring. There may be an organization in which you’re vying for a future position. Although the timing may not be right for a job, it may be just right for a conversation about direction, plans, guidance and creating opportunities. You may have found your mentor without even knowing it.

By: Andrea Charlton

Andrea Charlton is a Vancouver-based Freelance Fashion Writer, and has spent over a decade working in various areas of the industry. Her latest efforts include helping post secondary students with education and work.

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