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Charlotte Olympia

The Bay continues its foray into amazing fashion territory with their latest and best acquisition, Charlotte Olympia, a London-based footwear and accessories line. Colourful, sexy and perfect for summer, her new collection is called Blame It on Rio – a perfect excuse if I’ve ever heard one. Featuring sky-high platforms and tropical details, they’re the kind of shoes that’ll make you feel happy the second you look at them, let alone put them on.

Her salacious sandals have been worn all over Hollywood, by everyone from Gwenyth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker to Rihanna.  I can’t wait for winter to start and end so I can bust out a pair of Charlotte Olympia nude python platforms this summer.  Or maybe I’ll take them with me on a trip to Rio instead.

Charlotte Olympia is available at The Room, 176 Yonge Street, Toronto.

By: Caitlin Agnew, Toronto

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