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As Vogue highlights, man clutches are actually a thing and such accessories do not have to
be generally attributed to women. Although backpacks and messenger bags are regarded as
more practical and convenient to carry around, man clutches are there to assist you on
daytime occasions or night outs where all that you really require are your car keys, phone,
and wallet.


In addition, man clutches or “man purses (murse)” as I’d like to call it, certainly
enhances an individual’s outfit, providing them a sharp and breezy vibe but still upholding
their professionalism. There are many types of man clutches nowadays that vary in style
and size and are well showcased by luxury brands. However, it is the “zip and go” principle
that makes these clutches a stand out amongst other man bags making them utilitarian for
almost any occasion. We have whipped up the most popular types of men’s clutches today
and their potential uses based on their style and size.



1. The “Basic Man Clutch”
This type of man clutch can be defined by its petite size and zipper for opening and closing.
Some are even designed with the zipper extending up to a side. Often, this man clutch can
be used if you need a run to the grocery store or simply because you don’t want to lose
anything if you’re going to a bar or a nightclub.

Shop the look: Black Mesh Clutch, $35.90, available at Zara


2. The “Envelope Man Clutch”
The envelope man clutch may consist of a strap or string for opening and closing. The size
of this type of man clutch may also vary with some appropriate for documents or just for
small knick-knacks. Pair this stylish man clutch with your dressed up outfit to a brunch
meeting or even to a bougie night out.

Shop the look: Vintage Leather Clutch, $16.53, available at eBay



3. The “Document Man Clutch”
There are also clutches that are made for the workaholic individual.  Often, this type of man clutch is slightly oversized to ensure proper fitting of documents or your laptop. You may heavily rely on this at school, a job interview, or even in large business meetings.


Shop the look: Sandqvist Gustav Laptop & Document Holder, $214, available at ASOS


Image inspiration:
Image courtesy of
Parisian Gentleman


Product info:

  1. Black Mesh Clutch, $35.90, available at Zara
  2. Vintage Leather Clutch, $16.53, available at eBay
  3. Sandqvist Gustav Laptop & Document Holder, $214, available at ASOS

By: Franz Tabora, Mississauga, @phranzzzz

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