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Fashion Jobs – 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Resume This Spring

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

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Your resume is always a great thing to take a look at and refresh at least once a year — even if you’re not in the job market. You never know when that next big promotion could be in your sights and you need to have your resume ready to submit to a hiring manager at any time. For those currently in the job market, spring is a time where employers look to hire as employees leave for the school year and street front stores begin to pick up for summer. Here are our favourite trips for spring cleaning your resume.

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Revisit Your Current Role
A great place to start when looking to refresh your resume is reviewing your current role. Have you changed roles since you last made updates? Have your areas of accountability or accomplishments changed or expanded? Making sure your current role is as up to date as possible is extremely important as by now it really should be the only area that needs a good update.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Shorten

Shorten It
Did you know that a traditional resume is actually only a page long? And anything over that is technically considered a curriculum vitae, or CV for short. The longer you’ve been in the workforce, the longer the list of roles usually adds up, and at times your resume can seem too long and repetitive. To change this, you can do a few things. If you’re far along enough now into your career where your high school and college part-time jobs are starting to get stale, it’s time to remove them. Assuming you’ve already done this, you can either look at only covering the last five years of your career history in detail or if other employment history is relevant in the sense of name recognition you can include the rest in quick point form with dates and few key points.

Style Nine To Five_Resume Spring Cleaning_Pinterest Design

Change Up The Design
If you’re someone who tends to keep their resume extremely up to date religiously but you still want a little spring refresh, maybe you should try a redesign! There are many things you can change with your resume from picking a new font, creating a new header design or going the extra mile and completely changing the format of it. If you’re not someone who is handy with a computer, there are plenty of sites where you can interactively design and fill out a customized resume and tools for templates for Microsoft Word. For those of you who are a more creatively inclined, Pinterest has a tone of inspiration to help you. Whatever you decide to change, make sure that your resume is legible, organized and not too cluttered or wordy.

By: M.J. Elle,Toronto, @TheMJElle

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Fashion Jobs – Closet Clean-up

Sunday, February 16th, 2014



At some point or another everyone feels like they have nothing to wear. I constantly feel like this, despite having a fairly size-able wardrobe. I also find that there are items in my closet where every time I try and wear them, I end up changing them out for something different. If either of these happen to you on the regular it’s time to clean out your closet. Cleaning out and re-organizing your closet is definitely a chore. It’s time-consuming and tiring but trust me, it’s one chore you will be very grateful for in the end. The satisfaction of having a wardrobe you love and can navigate with ease is definitely worth it.

In order to avoid getting too overwhelmed or giving up, I’ve put together a few guidelines to help you through. It does require a few hours so make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to start and finish.

1. Start with item type or a section of your closet (jeans, tops etc.). Breaking it up will make more manageable and you’ll feel more productive.

2. Sort items into three piles: keep, sell and donate. Selling items is a great way to make extra money on clothes in great condition or even have tags still on them (guilty!) These can be sold online on eBay or sites like Kijiji. If it sounds like too much work there are always consignment shops as well. Donate items that are more worn or not in line with current trends.

3. Decide where each item should go. Go through each piece carefully to check for stains, holes etc. Those items should immediately be tossed, unless the hole is repairable with little cost and you still wear the piece. If you haven’t worn the piece within 6 months, ask yourself why? If it doesn’t fit and cannot be tailored at a reasonable cost, toss it. If you don’t absolutely love it, toss it. If it’s no longer your style, toss it; you have to love everything or you’ll never wear it.

Before you start putting items back in the closet, make sure to wipe down shelves and vacuum the floor. You’ll want a clean closet to start fresh.  Once you’ve completed your sort, organize what you are keeping.This will also allow you to keep tally of what you do have, or are missing in your wardrobe.

Generally keeping items together by group is best: shirts and blouses are better on hangers so they don’t wrinkle, jeans and sweaters may be better folded. I also like to have all the same hangers to stream-line but there is no right answer for how you should organize your closet, your choice should be based on what works best for you keeping things organized in the space you have.

Happy Cleaning!

Image Courtesy of  Why Did You Wear That

By: Rachel Ingram, Ottawa

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