Making a Career of Fashion Journalism

Journalism is one of those areas that will never go out of style! While print may be getting slowly phased out by digital visual content, humans will always turn to written accounts to document and share their stories. Writing is both a great skill to have and an irreplaceable creative outlet. It simultaneously allows you […]

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Teamwork and Creative Collaborations - Style Nine to Five

Teamwork and Creative Collaborations

Creative collaborations are taking the fashion industry by storm these days! It’s almost like every week we see a new “collab” between brands and designers to build exclusive collections of blended aesthetics, or between brands and celebrities and influencers to promote and sell a new product. Collaborative projects, whether paid or unpaid, have always been […]

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Mastering Your Online Portfolio - Style Nine to Five

Mastering Your Online Portfolio

Having a personal portfolio of work is a must for anyone looking to showcase their best professional work all in one place. While printed and sharable PDF portfolios are great to include in job applications, online portfolios are also easy to link in your email signatures and across your socials. What’s more, while traditional portfolios […]

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Fashion Jobs – What to do When you Graduate Fashion School

Find fashion career advice, internship opportunities, fashion job listings, style careers, retail jobs, job advice, fashion design jobs, social media and pr internships, stylist and buying jobs and more on Style Nine to Five! Graduation season (a.k.a. the most wonderful time of the year) is quickly approaching! You can say farewell to those endless nights of […]

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