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Fashion Jobs – 5 Easy Outfit Formulas to Build a Workday Uniform

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

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Choosing an outfit on a hectic morning should ideally be as quick as possible so you can begin your day with ease. This may or may not always be the case, so if you’re looking to simplify your mornings, you might want to consider a “workday uniform”. In my time in the fashion industry, many of the women I’ve encountered have had their own version of a workday uniform, whether they’re in a creative or a conservative field. Knowing that you can pull pieces from your wardrobe and they’ll all work well together is a time-saving way to streamline your mornings. Just think of all the extra brainpower you’ll be able to put to use instead of figuring out what to wear!


To begin putting together a work uniform, start by going through your closet to find the pieces that you own and wear most often. Chances are, you already have the basics of a uniform in place already, without even realizing it! Once you know what works for you, think about possibly investing in similar pieces to build up the “uniform” part of your wardrobe. Having multiples of things you love wearing will make it easy to put together outfits in no time, and will make getting dressed for work so much simpler.


For my own work wardrobe, I’ve begun investing in quality denim in timeless washes so that I can wear them for years to come. I work in a casual environment and I’m able to wear denim regularly, but if your work requires a more elevated dress code you can opt for a pair of well-cut trousers or a pencil skirt in a neutral colour as the basis of your outfit. Once you have your favourite bottoms sorted out, finding tops to go along with them is just a matter of personal style.


I like to shop for two or three kinds of shirts that I know I’ll wear and will provide plenty of versatility. I look for either solid coloured button-downs (usually in blue or white), t-shirts with a little bit of visual interest, or simple turtlenecks. I’ll finish my look with a lightweight third piece, like a denim jacket, a blazer, or a thin sweater. Getting creative with accessories is a great way to change the feel of an outfit, and can update your work uniform to stay on top of the latest trends.  


If you think a work wardrobe could be the solution to your mornings, here are five sample outfits to get you inspired!

Outfit 1

Jeans + Cami + Jacket

Outfit 2

Wide Trousers + Feminine Top

Outfit 3

Pencil Skirt + Turtleneck

Outfit 4

Modern Suit

Outfit 5

Khakis + Knit Sweater


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By Kate Mendonca, Toronto, @kate.mendonca

Fashion Jobs – 5 Staple Pieces To Keep Your Work Wardrobe Small But Stylish

Friday, January 5th, 2018


One of the perks of growing up is you stop growing, so that means you can invest a little more in high-quality life-long pieces for your wardrobe. If you’re anything like us, as much as we live for fashion, 2018 is all about keeping a downsized yet functional closet especially when it comes to our workwear. But who says you have so sacrifice closet size for style? Not us! We’ve rounded up our 5 must-have pieces every style-conscious woman needs to keep her work wardrobe small yet stylish!

Every style consultant, blogger and magazine will tell you that you must have a go-to little black dress in your closet, and trust us they were right! When it comes to a LBD for the office, keep your hemlines and cuts appropriate and we always recommend a more simple style that you can style multiple ways to get the most wear out of it. Accessories like necklaces, belts and brooches can really change the look of a dress!


Shop the Look: Banana Republic LIFE IN MOTION Wrinkle-Resistant Stretch Neoprene Sheath Dress, $160


The Black Blazer
Coming right behind the LBD is the black blazer. Everyone and we mean everyone needs one in their life. With so many different cuts and styles, there’s an option to suit every body type. For the office, we recommend a style that allows you to roll up your sleeves when it’s time to get down to business and comes with functional pockets.


Shop the Look: A.L.C Duke Jacket, $595, available at Nordstrom


The Classic Cardigan
Cardigans are one of those pieces that never really goes out of style in our opinion. They’re a great way to tie together any outfit from a blouse and pencil skirt to a t-shirt and jeans on a casual day. Avoid materials that shed easily to keep you from constantly lint rolling, or getting fibers annoyingly caught in your lashes!


Shop the Look: McQ Alexander McQueen Grey Wool Long Cardigan, $330, available at


The Comfy Dress Pants
As much as you want to look good at the office, comfort should also be top of mind. We sit for hours or run around frantically getting things done, and that is why a comfortable dress pant is a great choice for your work wardrobe. Avoid loose, flimsy materials that may get caught on things like filing cabinets or ladders and just like a blazer, always look for a pair of dress pants with functional pockets.


Shop the Look: VINCE Stitch Front Strapping Pants, $375, available at


The Printed Blazer
Because just one blazer isn’t enough in your workwear arsenal. We’re loving grey-plaid blazers that literally pair with everything from blue jeans to black slacks, but choose a colour and print that works for you. Avoid anything too loud if you’re workplace is more on the conservative side and try and find a pattern that is versatile so you can easily put it together with other pieces in your closet.


Shop the Look: Zara Double Breasted Checked Blazer, $149


Inspirational Image:
Image courtesy of @FIGTNY


Product Info:

  1. Banana Republic LIFE IN MOTION Wrinkle-Resistant Stretch Neoprene Sheath Dress, $160
  2. A.L.C Duke Jacket, $595, available at Nordstrom
  3. McQ Alexander McQueen Grey Wool Long Cardigan, $330, available at
  4. VINCE Stitch Front Strapping Pants, $375, available at
  5. Zara Double Breasted Checked Blazer, $149


By: M.J. Elle, Toronto, (@TheMJElle)

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Fashion Jobs Toronto – Office Wardrobe Revival

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


1 Zara Blazer2 Ann Taylor Flats

3 JAX dress4 MK Bag



Working in an office can sometimes stifle your style, having to abide by a dress code, and rotating the same pencil skirt, cardigan and button ups can be stuffy and boring. Breathing new life into your office wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive, and by adding a few trendy, versatile pieces you can change your look without breaking the bank. This season has a lot of fun trends to try whether it’s metallic, graphic prints or colour, and there’s always a way to make it work-appropriate (which is always the first rule).  Picking a few of my favourite trends we’ll see this year, here are a few pieces to mix into your everyday work wear.

1. Pastels. Pastels are always popular for spring, and this year is no exception. A nice contrast to some of the bold prints we’re seeing, blush and warmer shades are good for olive skin tones, and those with cooler complexions are better in icy blues and soft pinks.
Blazer, Zara, $39.99

2. Pointed toe flats. This is an easy addition to your office attire and a nice break from heels. The pointed toe still elongates the leg and pairs well with this season’s tea-length skirt. Flats, Ann Taylor, $112

3. Black and white. I personally love this combo, simple and slimming but still makes an impact. Either wear this as separates (but think more silky top and wide leg pant than the standard white button-up and black pants) or as a colour-blocked piece.
Dress, JAX, $129, available at Nordstrom

4. Ladylike bag. While these never go out of style, the structured purse is getting a makeover in colours and even metallic. This is a timeless piece so splurging on this is ok!
Bag, Michael Kors, $358


By: Rachel Ingram, Ottawa

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