3 Things a New Grad with No Experience Can Put On a Resume - Style Nine to Five

3 Things a New Grad with No Experience Can Put On a Resume

It’s an issue everyone faces at some point: being unable to find your first job, as all jobs require past jobs and work experience. You have the required skills, but your resume is blank aside from them and it seems pointless to even try. However, as a new grad, there are probably plenty of things […]

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6 Career Lessons I’ve Learned as a New Grad - Style Nine to Five

6 Career Lessons Learned as a New Grad

This past year has come with many challenges, especially for a recent graduate ready to start her career. On one hand, it has been at times discouraging and frustrating but on the other, I have learned so many career lessons that I will take with me into the future. As I reflect, I can share them with […]

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Fashion Jobs – Plan Bs For New Grads

So you’ve finally made it through your program at post-secondary and just graduated, excited for the road ahead. But now what? Many new grads these days find themselves eager to start a career, but are having a hard time finding a job in their field. It can be especially hard for fashion grads, who are […]

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