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7 Job Application Bad Habits to Stop ASAP

It’s time to refresh what you know about how to write resumes and cover letters. Industries and application expectations are always growing and changing, which means some of the application package habits you learned back in the day are now obsolete. Here are seven things to stop doing if you want your application package to […]

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How Metrics Matter on Your Job Application - Style Nine to Five

How Metrics Matter on Your Job Application

Old school resumes and cover letters are out and there’s a new format in town. If you truly want these documents to be valuable resources that help you stand out and land interviews, you need to scrap the traditional style of writing long paragraphs about your soft skills and daily duties. Sure, this is one […]

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Hiring Process - Style Nine to Five

5 Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Hiring Process

From new businesses to huge corporations, the task of finding the right employees can easily take over your job and drown you in a sea of resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and references. If you need to free up time and make the task quicker and more efficient, apply these strategies to your next round of […]

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Fashion Jobs – Fashion Career Advice Round-up

For this week’s career advice feature, we’re sharing all of our past topics! Click on the below to read the whole article.   What does ‘Above and Beyond’ really mean?  Asking for what you want.  Reach out to break out. How to answer the difficult interview questions. How to write a cover letter. Finding your […]

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