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Here we are at the October, and the weather is growing colder by the minute. I’m not going to mince words here – it sucks. While I haven’t checked with my workplace dress code to see whether I’ll be able to wear a fleece onesie until spring, something tells me that it would be frowned upon. It’s always difficult to strike a balance between dressing fashionably and professionally, while keeping even moderately warm. That’s why thick wool scarves which can be worn as part of your outfit are a staple – a necessity even – for the chillier days when two layers alone won’t cut it and building a blanket fort isn’t an option. You can never have too many chunky scarves in your closet, and they’ll give you an opportunity to play around with different colours and textures without overwhelming your outfit. Layering a few different ones will give you a boho, slightly Olsen twins vibe, while a plaid print will look more crisp and office appropriate. Stay frosty, my friends.


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Style Inspiration: Style Nine to Five Founder Christie Lohr

1. Aztec Poncho Scarf, $50, Shop Hunnis

1. VAUBAN infinity scarf, $20, Aritzia

2. Knit fringe snood, $25 at American Eagle Outfitters

3. Chunky cabin infinity scart, $52 at Roots

4. Check scarf, $30 at Zara


By Alyson Linke, @AlysonLinke


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