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While sweatshirts at the office may seem ultra-casual, there is still a way to pull this off while maintaining a professional look. When I wear a sweatshirt to work, I’m sure to compensate with a really well-tailored pair of trousers and a great shoe. I also tend to wear more accessories than I normally would to dress up the outfit a bit. This look also benefits from mixing different textures (cotton sweater, silk trousers, structured leather purse). When done correctly, this look is so stylish and allows for the absolute most comfort you could have at the office!

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1. Cheap Monday High Neck Boxy Sweatshirt, $112, available at ASOS

2. R13 Vintage Sweatshirt, $324, available at ShopBop

3. Steve Madden Proto Pump, $125

4. & Other Stories High Rise Wool Midi Skirt, $115 USD

5. Wilfred Jallade Pant, $145, available at Aritzia

6. Chloe Faye Calfskin Leather Tote, $2206, available at Nordstrom



By Lindsay Mix, Toronto (@lindsmix)


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