Fashion Jobs – Olivia Pope Office Style Inspiration


I finally was able to sit down and binge watch Netflix’s popular show, Scandal. Instantly I was inspired by Olivia Pope’s fashion style. Whether she is solving a client’s problem or helping the President of the United States, Olivia Pope is always dressed to impress. She is a business woman that needs to maintain a professional appearance but doesn’t let that stop her from having fun with her wardrobe. I have rounded up one of my favorite looks that Olivia often sports various versions of: professional black slacks and a dress shirt paired with a fun pump and a comfortable cardigan to warm up the overall appearance.


Style Inspiration: Olivia Pope, image courtesy of

1. The Loft Linen Cardigan, $59

2. Banana Republic Mixed-Media Vee Tank, $55

3. Crew Hutton Trousers, $198 USD

4. Nine West Gohawk Pump, $125


By Tiffany Janzen, Toronto, ON

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