Fashion Jobs – Leave Your Hat On


Remember the days of yore when a woman wouldn’t be caught dead outside of her house without a hat? There’s something about a floppy, wide brimmed chapeau that harkens to the bold yet outrageously feminine appeal of Dior’s “New Look” from back in the day, while also calling to mind the carefree comfort and simplicity of the summer months. Floppy hats are an excellent way to add a touch of whimsy (without being girlish) to your ensemble and a timeless way to celebrate summer while still maintaining a delightfully business casual look.

floppyhat1 floppyhat2 floppyhat3 floppyhat4

Style Inspiration: Rosie Assoulin Spring/Summer 2015, as seen on

1. PLAYA,$240 at Artesano

2. Colour Stripe Floppy Hat, $22 at Forever 21

3. Straw Oversized Floppy Hat, $34 at ASOS

4. Runway Hat in red, $250 at Rebecca Minkoff


By Alyson Linke, @AlysonLinke

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