Montreal Fashion Jobs – Gift Guide: Stylish Sister

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The trendy sister is always the toughest to shop for. You want to get her something fashion-forward, but want to steer clear of Lady Gaga territory. A simple way to find the perfect holiday gift for the fashionable sibling in your life is to look to the trends of the season and take inspiration from the runway. Instead of spending hours flipping through hundreds of fashion magazines, we’ve simplified your shopping list by compiling the hottest trends to watch this season.


First on the list is Leopard print, it might seem outdated and overdone but it’s a classic print that adds chic boldness to every outfit. The leopard print pea coat is a perfect example, pairing it with a simple outfit will make her stand out and centre of attention everywhere she goes.


Another hit this season is fur covered everything, including clutches, coats, vests, and sweaters. But if you’re not sure if she’s into being engulfed in fur, a cute scarf will do the trick. It’s not overwhelming but it will still make her feel on trend and it’s also much easier to pair and will get her through these cold winter months.


Booties are a fashion staple. Gift her a solid pair of booties and she will thank you forever. It’s hard to keep fashionable in the winter with our big bulky boots but a pretty pair of booties can really make an outfit both practical and stylish.


Sweaters have also been making their mark this fall/winter. With a variety of styles to choose from like oversized, fuzzy, to cropped and covered in sequins and glitter, it’s hard to select just the right one. Opt for a vintage printed sweater since this style is timeless and will last season after season so you can’t go wrong in your cozy, chic gift-giving for your uber-fab and fashionable sibling.


1. Forever 21 Leopard Print Pea Coat, $57.80

2. ASOS Faux Fur Long Collar, $55.20

3. ALDO Womens Booties, $140.00

4. Anthropologie Snow Day Pullover, $98.00

By: Jennifer Tiwana, @jennifertiwana

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