Toronto Fashion Jobs – The Stylish Computer Bag

The computer bag is an evil necessity for students, writers and anyone who needs to lug their laptop around from the office to a coffee shop. Unfortunately, the computer bag is often made of scratchy, but durable, nylon and it really doesn’t add much flare to an outfit. Luckily, there are diamonds in the rough that not only serve a purpose, but also look stylish. Happy typing!

1. Roots Sorority Tote-Prince $268
2. Kate Spade Nylon Calista $328
3. Barbour Tarras Messenger Bag, $199, available at Te-Koop
4. Sanqvist Erik Messenger Bag, $231, available at ASOS
5. Coach Bleecker Leather Colourblock Utility Tote $568
6. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon 15” Commuter $128

By: Gabi Pirraglia, Toronto

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