Calgary Fashion Jobs – Runway to Everyday

I absolutely love going to fashion shows, the whole atmosphere makes me shiver with excitement but every time I go to one, I ask myself the same question. As gorgeous designs spill onto the runway, I find myself wondering if the extravagant clothing would really work on every day, ordinary people. Not everyone works in a high fashion environment, so some of the pieces we see may be a bit too much for the average person. This season, I’ve seen a ton of bold prints, dark velvet and leather. When I first heard about these three trends making their way onto the fashion map again, I was a bit skeptical. The first thought that popped into my head was a cheesy ‘70s suit with a paisley top, but as designers incorporated these three elements into their Winter 2012 collections, I quickly changed my mind. Using the runway as your inspiration, you can easily follow the season’s hottest trends by picking a few staple pieces to add to your wardrobe.

1. Style Inspiration: Gucci Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, image courtesy of Team Peter Stigter
2. Style Inspiration: Gucci Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, image courtesy of Go Money Ways
3. Style Inspiration: Moschino Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, image courtesy of Show Moda
4. Rag & Bone Bowery Leather Biker Jacket, $1,695, available at Net-A-Porter
5. French Connection Velvet Dream Dress, $228
6. Dynamite Damask Sequin Dress, $80

By: Layan Barakat, Toronto

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