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“A handbag is simply more than just a handbag” are the oh so wise words of Toronto designer Sneha Varma – a former accountant who decided that the fashion world was calling her name. Well, she took a leap and already has writers and journalist asking to wear her handbags to events and fashion shows! Sneha was sweet enough to sit down with me over a coffee in Yorkville to chat more about SV and what is to come.

Mijana: You’re an accountant turned designer – very unique! A lot has happened in the last year since you started Sneha Varma. What have you learned the most in this small period of time as a new designer?
Sneha: I have learned that you have to go into this business with both head and heart. There are many facets to the fashion industry and I believe you cannot just come in with a great design. That’s only the first of what seems to be an infinite number of tasks when creating a brand. But I have been enjoying every minute of it!

M: What makes Sneha Varma bags different from other handbag designers?
S: I think it’s a little difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes my bags different from other designers because there are so many great handbag designers out there. But what I can say is that when I set out to design my first collection, my goal was to create pieces that were modern and a bit edgy; pieces that stood out, all within an attainable price point and using great quality leather. I think it is sometimes a bit of a challenge to find bags that meet all of these criteria but I believe I have accomplished this within my line.

M: Writers and bloggers have worn your bags while attending Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week last month. How did that feel?
S: It felt amazing! The bags created a great buzz around the brand and nothing satisfies me more than seeing others love wearing my handbags as much as I love designing them!

M: What is your favourite part of about designing SV bags?
S: It’s pretty simple; just designing itself. I love selecting the materials, sketching and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

M: You have only started your business and are already on a roll, which is fantastic – what are your goals for the future?
S: My focus is to create a long lasting sustainable business and eventually expand into a lifestyle brand. The brand officially started off through my own online shop. Now, I am currently exploring different options to bring my bags into the marketplace, such as through various boutiques and other online shopping sites. Eventually, I would love the opportunity to open my first brick and mortar store.

If you would like to see more of Sneha, she will be appearing at The Black Box Boutique‘s “Accessory Swap and Shop” on Friday, December 7th in Yorkville. For more info visit

By: Mijana Veljkovic, Toronto

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