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(Photo: DIY Fashionista)

If you’re feeling inspired by the latest Fall and Winter fashions there is one place you can turn to these days for creative reinforcements that won’t break the bank. With a plethora of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) websites out there you can keep up with the latest trends and minimize the expense of footing the bill for the seasons favorite looks. Take a chance on creating something original with the help of fashions eagle eyes, and be the first to set off a wave of trends in your office or group of friends.

A quick peek on sites like A Pair and A Spare, Honestly…WTF, or I Spy DIY will instill your love of the flare that something as simple as a hot glue gun and rhinestones can produce. Take for instance your worn out old black leather clutch, why not spice it up with a tutorial on how to make it pop like Valentino’s more expensive version by adding studs or a tassel (as seen on I Spy DIY)? Jazz up the neckline of your basic white tee by creating your own woven chain collar necklace (brought to you by Honestly…WTF), or for a more daring fashion statement why not take something old and make it you again by crafting a matching clutch from the extra fabric of that cute cocktail dress you just dared to reconstruct (thanks to A Pair and A Spare).

There are so many other great sites for the jewelry, accessory and fashion DIY obsessed. Here’s a list of my Top 10 Favorites spanning from our very own Canadian backyard, and across the globe:

1. A Pair and A Spare – Hong Kong
2. I Spy DIY – New York
3. Honestly…WTF – California
4. Stripes + Sequins – New York
5. Glitter & Glue – LA
6. Because I’m Addicted – LA
7. P.S.- I Made This… – New York
8. Thanks I Made It – Washington, DC
9. Park & Cube – London, UK
10. My Little Secrets – Toronto


1. DIY Studded Clutch via I Spy DIY
2. Valentino Studded Clutch, $1200
3. DIY Woven Chain Collar Necklace via Honestly…WTF
4. Loren Hope Chain Collar Necklace, $265
5. DIY Matching Bag via A Pair & A Spare
6. Proenza Scouler Pochette PS1 Clutch (available in every color to match), $1735

By: Emily Gray, Toronto

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