Toronto Fashion Jobs – Tea Time

At the risk of sounding like a Fashion Goldilocks, I have to admit that I’m very pleased with the fact that after years upon years of going from one chilly extreme (minis) to basically tripping over oneself (maxis), the trend compass is finally pointing to something that’s just right: tea-length skirts. Less boho than the maxi but more ladylike than the mini, tea-length skirts are definitely the new “It” skirts and perfect additions to your spring and summer wardrobe.





As all the lovely ladies above demonstrate (including famed fashion bloggers Liz from Late Afternoon and Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, the most effective styling trick is to simply define the waist in some form or another. Since these skirts have slightly longer hems, wearing a cropped shirt or tucking in/belting your top really balances the proportions of the whole look. I took the easiest and most summer-appropriate approach and simply paired a fitted bustier with my Club Monaco Pamera skirt in lemon (that’s me in the last picture!).

Visit Club Monaco, American Apparel, H&M, and Zara. All four have beautiful tea-length skirts in store right now – happy shopping!

Image Credits: Late Afternoon, Gary Pepper Vintage, To Vogue Or Bust, Chictopia

By: Alexandra Grant, Vancouver

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